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2010-03-03 23:01:42
Orange Beach, Alabama - Saltwater Fishing Report
Gulf Of Mexico
Johnny Greene

I had a phone call today and had someone asking some questions about the different types of deep-sea fishing charters and costs. During our conversation about fishing in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, in particular the 4 hour fishing trip and so thought I would share that with you guys.

A 4 hour trip is generally a trolling trip for Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Bonito and Redfish. Some of these fish are seasonal and the target species can vary. This is the least expensive option for a family looking to go out on a big boat to see what fishing is all about. This is a good way to spend an outing with kids or first timers and introduce them to the world of saltwater fishing on charter boats

We typically stay close to shore in search of bait schools and diving birds. Trolling is a productive method of fishing where we will pull 4 to 6 lures and dead bait behind the boat until we get a bite. At that point, we will slow the boat and reel our catch in. Pelagic species are schooling by nature and will make for lots of fun once we get located!

You are always welcome to throw back any fish you would like, keep a few for dinner or keep all we catch within the limits of the law. You do have some options about when we leave on a fishing trip however, we try to keep it to morning and afternoon excursions so make sure to ask when you call. I do book all of my own trips personally and I am here to answer any questions that you may have.

Fish Species: Spanish Mackerel
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Family fishing fun
Family fishing fun

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Johnny Greene

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