Fishing a Jig Head and Plastic tail

Author: Captain Gary Burch | Posted: 11/17/2009

A jig head consist of a hook with the lead head attached. There's many sizes, styles and colors. Same goes for the plastic tails used on the jig heads. Your favorite tackle shop can help you get started with the most popular jigs that catch fish.

So how do you chose the right jig head and plastic tail to catch fish?

First determine the type of fishing you will be doing. Inshore and flats or off shore and deep water. Most of the time the shallower the water the smaller the jig weight. I mainly fish inshore waters and flats and use a 1/4 oz jig head. Some times in winter 1/8 oz head is used for a more natural presentation.  Make sure your jig head and plastic tail look as natural as possible. . Always keep the jig head weight as light as you can for the conditions you are fishing. If there is current present, you may have to use a slightly heavier head.

Second, there are many different opinions on color of plastic tails. Clear water vs. dirty, cold water vs. warm and different seasons. The bottom line is pick a plastic tail that looks like bait in your fishing area. If fish are feeding on a certain natural bait, choose a plastic tail that matches. There are some conditions that call for a bright color tail. Some examples are a white w/red tail or a chartreuse w/white tail and even a white glow tail can be used if water clarity is poor.

Last, test several head weights and numerous natural color tails at your fishing location until you establish a reliable catching pattern. Cast out and bounce the jig along the bottom and through grass areas. This is where fish lay and ambush their prey.  Build your confidence with certain combinations.

Fishing a jig head will add another dimension to your catching experience.

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