bass pre-spawn

2007-06-15 23:34:45
Crow Lake, Ontario - Freshwater Fishing Report
Crow Lake, Nestor Falls, Ontario, Canada

Her are some pics of the guys that I fished with on crow Lake. We found the bass mostly schooled but there were some on their nests. The bass we caught were almost all males. Locating the school was a must.

I did'nt fish, just took pics. We seen several nice muskies cruising the shallows also. Did not try lake trout.

The guys boated and released around 70 bass. Average weight was 2lbs. Biggest fish was 4.5lbs.

We used small tubes with lighter jig heads, small jig & black rubber grub, slimers leaches on bait hook with split shot. Very slow on the bottom, much like walleye fishing. We also used tiny flukes, sometimes ripping them across the top of the located schools of bass.

The bass are on the nests in some locations, the schools are generally in the same old areas they always are. I think the bass in schools are most all males but there were a few females amongst them. Pre- spawn for sure. Bass that were on the nests would have a larger male chasing off several smaller males. This was neat to see. 6- 14 feet of water for schooled bass, rocks, logs and beaver houses. This structure would have some depth of water to it. The schools of bass were not shallow.

Fish Species: Smallmouth Bass
Bait Used: grub, tube, fluke
Tackle Used: bait hook, split shot, jig
Method Used: Slow jig
Water Depth: 4-14
Water Temperature: 60 degree\'s
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:

About The Author: Captain Gerald Arch

Company: First Nation Guide Service

Area Reporting: Lake Of The Wood's / Crow Lake

Bio: Lived all my life in the area. guides since I was thirteen, learned from native guides originally and branched off on my own in time. Still learning this emence lake. I don't know were every rock and log is. Changing climate has inspired me to adapt.

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