Biscayne Bay/Miami

2010-08-08 21:10:07
Miami, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report
Biscayne Bay
Mo Estevez

Efficiency has been the name of the game this past week. The bonefishing has been really slow in Biscayne Bay requiring the angler/guide to make the most of each opportunity. Yesterday I had Danielle and Greg from West Palm down for their first trip to Biscayne Bay with high hopes of catching their first bonefish. We began a with a couple of schools of permit too scattered to get within reach. Quickly switching to bonefish we worked the oceanside flats finding just a single here and a single there. Finally a school moves through and Greg makes his cast, way to the left of the moving school. A second later I give Danielle the location and distance of the school, he makes a great cast and the reel starts to scream. With one bone in the boat, a $40 bet on the line and lots of teasing from Danielle, Greg was ready to redeem himself. With the tide almost at slack and time running out we set up on a channel edge and a bit later, Greg is one, reel screaming and a big sigh of relief is heard. With two bones in the boat on a very slow day we head in having accomplished what these two good guys came to do and their friendship still intact.

This coming week's tides will be strong and I have high hopes this will encourage the bones to start moving and feeding better. Even still, get out there, work hard, have fun and make that drag scream!

Capt. Mo Estevez


Fish Species: Bonefish
Bait Used: Shrimp
Tackle Used: 8lb spinning gear
Method Used: Sight casting
Water Depth: 2'
Water Temperature: 88
Wind Direction: SE
Wind Speed: 15

Mo Estevez

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Area Reporting: Biscayne Bay

Bio: I was born and raised in Miami, FL and have been fishing my entire life. I specialize in light tackle sight fishing Biscayne Bay for Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon as well as fishing for snappers, groupers, mackerels, and snook. I own a 16\' Hewes and accept anglers of all experience levels as well as kids. My primary goal is to ensure my clients have a great time enjoying our beautiful and bountiful Biscayne Bay. You can read my monthly column in Coastal Angler Magazine and am the host of the upcomimg nationally televised show Tailing Silver.

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