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Huli Cat Crab, Sanddab and kingfish for 3/25 by Tom Mattusch (3/27/2007)
[Montara,CA] Limits if Dungeness crab and kingfish, 12 sanddabs
Get Ready! by Bruce Gibson (3/24/2007)
[Lake Oroville,CA] The hawgs are on their way, get ready! The bass are looking for beds and as much food as they can get!
Rainbows on the Sac by Mike Bogue (3/19/2007)
[Northern California,CA] Monday March 19 I fished the Sac in Redding for wild rainbow trout. The fishing and the weather was great!!
Huli Cat - Crab & Dab by Tom Mattusch (3/12/2007)
[San Francisco,CA] 8 limits of crab and 20 sanddabs for 6 anglers and 2 crew.
Fat Spanning Bass by Bruce Gibson (3/07/2007)
[Northern California,CA] The incoming water has warmed up in just a few short days and the bass are fat. Look for clear water inlets.
Day On The Water by Bruce Gibson (3/04/2007)
[Northern California,CA] Take away people,cars, and everything and everyone in a big hurry, and what you end up with is, a day on the water.
Cold day on the water by Bruce Gibson (3/01/2007)
[Northern California,CA] Cold front & cold water = slow & lite bites. With the cold fronts that have finally gotten to N.Ca. have brought with them just what you'd expect. The fish are there, but the bite is very lite...
Low Numbers Of Fish Spotted On Big Springs by Tom Loe (2/23/2007)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] I scouted the areas recently and was a little dismayed at the low numbers of fish spotted on Big Springs and the Upper Owens River. Hot Creek was a different story in some locations, the East Walkers “trickle” flows are a crime in my opinion and I will not fish here with the current releases (22cfs).
Winter Fishing Sacramento River by Mike Bogue (2/06/2007)
[Northern California,CA] The fishing is going to get better with some rain!!
Pleasant Valley Reservoir Fishing Is Good by Tom Loe (1/28/2007)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] Tom Loe is on the road again and will be visiting Buz’s Fly Shop Too in Bakersfield on Saturday February 24th 2007 for their “Grand Opening” at the new location. Loe will be doing a Power Point presentation on fishing the waters of the Eastern Sierra as well as some major BS-ing with all in attendance.
Owens River Flow Update by Tom Loe (1/14/2007)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] So much for low and consistent flows. The LADWP has once again astonished us all with their YO-YO methods of water management. Flows have been increased to 350cfs and will remain here for most of the week, and then we are told (uh-huh) that they will go back down to 100 cfs.
San Diego Fly Fishers Meeting by Tom Loe (1/08/2007)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] Sierra Drifters guide Tom Loe will be heading down to So-Cal to visit with his great friends at the San Diego Fly Fishers meeting on the evening of February 5th 2007.
Lower Owens River Flow Update by Tom Loe (12/29/2006)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] After many months of flushing flows the river is finally beginning to recede. The LADWP reports that the flows will stabilize at 150 cfs below Pleasant Valley Reservoir after this weekend. Give it a few days for the fish to reposition and adapt.
Eastern High Sierra Fishing Report by Tom Loe (12/20/2006)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] Howdy friends and Sierra Drifters. Best fishes and holiday cheers to all of you for this X-mas 2006 fish report from the Eastern High Sierra. We would like to extend a sincere thanks to you all for your support last season. Have a happy and prosperous New Year.
Eastern Sierra Freshwater Fishing Report by Tom Loe (11/22/2006)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] Howdy friends and Sierra Drifters. Best fishes to all for this Turkey Day 2006 fish report from the Eastern High Sierra.
Eastern Sierra Trout Season Fishing by Tom Loe (11/06/2006)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] The East Walker River and Bridgeport Reservoir are arguable the candidates for the most improved fisheries in this area. Combined with plentiful water and a successful, aggressive trout enhancement program initiated by local businessman and concerned fisherman these fisheries took center stage for the first time in many years.
Lower Yuba River Fishing Fair to Good! by Grant Fraser (11/03/2006)
[Yuba River,CA] Salmon are spawning throughtout the lower river. These fish are hungry and ready to eat after relatively few bugs this year.
Lower American River Fishing by Gary Byrom (9/28/2006)
[Sacramento,CA] Water flow good, still a little early for Salmon, Strippers through out system for the patient.
Yellowtail fishing at Benitos Island by Andy Cates (9/05/2006)
[San Diego,CA] Good morning folks, we are now on our way home leaving Guadalupe Island. The weather is little bumpy but it's going to get better as we get away from the Island we are going to be back at San Diego tomorrow morning at 0800 or 0830 hrs.
Guadalupe Fishing Report by Andy Cates (8/31/2006)
[San Diego,CA] We left the island after scratching tuna and yellows for a day and a morning. Yesterday was once again challenging out her. With the white sharks and current changes to successfully catch one was quite a chore. 25 tuna and 8 yellows yesterday and 18 tuna this morning before we left.
Very Good Fishing In San Joaquin River by Tom Loe (8/30/2006)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] Howdy friends and Sierra Drifters. Best fishes to all for this Labor Day 2006 fish report from the Eastern High Sierra.
Crowley Lake Fishing by Tom Loe (8/27/2006)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] The “epic” fly fishing has ended for the time being but you may still encounter some fantastic days on Crowley as the conditions remain excellent and the stage is set for the mother of all falls on this premier stillwater
San Pablo Fishing Report by Andy Cates (8/27/2006)
[San Diego,CA] We started at San Pablo only to find Red Tide all over the shallow and 20 miles above. Clam Bay started our day with 45 yellowtail that seemed to just stop biting. A lot of junk mixed in that really didn't make it that good.
Tuna Long Range Fishing San Diego by Andy Cates (8/19/2006)
[San Diego,CA] We spent the first 2 days out at the Island and scratched some nice size yellowfin. our positioning was not the best and the sharks made yesterday very frustrating .
Klamath River Bite is Excellent by Ken Cunningham (8/16/2006)
[Klamath River,CA] The estuary fishing continues to be good to excellent except the last few days, where it seems that this low weather front has caused them to go off the bite.
Medicine Lake Fishing Is hot!! by Scott Caldwell (8/15/2006)
[Northern California,CA] Medicine Lake is hot!!! I fished with some friends of mine on Friday and we caught and released over 60 Trout.
San Diego Red Rooster Fishing Reports by Andy Cates (8/15/2006)
[San Diego,CA] August fishing reports aboard the Red Rooster III, Long Range Fishing At It's Finest.
Eastern Sierra River Fishing Reports by Gary Gunsolley (8/09/2006)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] The river has been dropped to 450 cfs. This is low compared to what it was. I don’t know how long it stay at this flow but it definitely makes the evening caddis fishing a bit easier. The best times to fish hear are early morning or late evening.
San Diego Fishing Aboard American Angler by Brian Kiyohara (7/29/2006)
[San Diego,CA] Today we spent the day in search of the Mighty Longfin; we traveled a lot of water to find a few stops for our efforts. There still is a fair sign of Albacore in a few different areas but those stops are hard to come by sometimes. The weather is wonderful which made it great for looking around.
2006 summer fishing report and forecast by Pat Jaeger (7/27/2006)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] This has been one of my best fishing and guiding years yet. I really enjoying the diversity and imagination this “big water year” is forcing us to have.
Bridgeport Reservoir Excellent Fishing by Tom Loe (7/23/2006)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] The overall fishing has been very good to excellent in most areas with the only exceptions being the larger tailwaters.
Salmon Reports and Klamath River Flows by David Castellanos (7/20/2006)
[Klamath River,CA] The steelhead are more active in the river early in the morning and late in the evening with the big steelhead this week was a 8 pounder and it was fin clipped.
Spring Salmon Run In Klamath River by David Castellanos (7/09/2006)
[Klamath River,CA] There is a run of Spring Salmon moving throw with some Steelhead in the river.
Spring Salmon Reports by David Castellanos (5/02/2006)
[Klamath River,CA] There were a good number of salmon landed yesterday in the lower river but there are a lot of fishermen fishing.
60 Vermillion Rockfish Caught by Dave Bacon (3/27/2005)
[Santa Barbara,CA] 60 Vermilion Rockfish, 1 Lingcod, 1 Halibut
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