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Company: Marilyn jean Charters

Area Reporting: New York

Bio: Marilyn Jean is a fast comfortable 36ft. Downeaster powered by a 420hp CAT diesel. The boat carries all of the latest electronic navigation and fish finding equipment, as well as the finest safety equipment. Her captain and crew have over 50 years combined experience fishing the New York / New Jersey area. We know where the fish are, but even more importantly, you will be getting a top flight boat, a knowledgeable and courteous captain and crew, and the best bait and tackle that can be found. We sail daily from Futura Marina. Directions From the Belt Parkway West take the Knapp St. exit, then take a right at the light. Continue down 4 or 5 blocks and enter the drive way just before the Burger King resturant. The sign on the fence says Lobster Harbour. From The Belt Parkway East take the Knapp St. exit, then go left at Knapp St., then follow as above.

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bottom fishing (11/23/2008)
[New York Bight,NY] Friday and Sunday 11/21 and 11/23 Fridays trip w to the south. Todays trip fared much better with Joe and his boys landing over 50 Tog to a respectable 8lbs everyone was in double digits just keeping his limit . It was a light crowed we fished with just 4 anglers today Greens and whites both produced ,but the whites had the edge.
Marilyn Jean Charters Blues Blues Blues (9/18/2008)
[Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn,NY] The Striped Bass fishing picked up a bit last night with 25 Bass and and a few Blues caught on the 7pm- 12 midnight trip. It wasn't great but a big improvement over the last few trips. Hopefully it continues to get better.
Sheepshead bay Fishing For Blues and Bass (8/22/2008)
[New York Bight,NY] Fishing is still Good both day and night and the weather is great
Marilyn Jean Charters (8/09/2008)
[New York City,NY] Today we had David and the boys out for a day of fluking . We took a ride to the east and found a nice body of Bigger fish 10 keepers and a ton of shorts ,lock and load fishing, on the morning tide all 3.5 to 4.5 lbs The kids had a blast When we lost the tide things slowed and we went looking found some more shorts and a few keepers not as good as the morning but it kept the boys reeling em in
Great Fluke Fishing Sheepshead Bay - 23 Keepers (8/01/2008)
[New York Bight,NY] Great big fluke 2x we just missed the 10lb mark
Fluking In Sheepshead Bay New York Is Excellent Right Now (7/31/2008)
[New York Bight,NY] Fluking continues to be excellent on most days
Marilyn Jean Charters (7/28/2008)
[New York City,NY] Great fishing on all trips over 50 landed as of 9pm
Marilyn Jean Charters (7/26/2008)
[New York Bight,NY] Good fishing both day and night on both the MJ and MJ II. Come on down while the gettins good
Launching new site (7/25/2008)
[New York Bight,NY] We have just launched our new website come check it out
[New York Bight,NY] We had Pete and his group from fonte Bon academy out agian toady and the fishing was super cocktail in the am and slammers later on fish to 12lbs on the jigs . By 1pm it was game over the group was beat and so were the fish many many released and a hand full kept for the table . All expertly cleaned and iced by Tim and Tom .
Marilyn Jean Charters (6/21/2008)
[New York City,NY] All day action on the Big boat and the 36 footer fshing real good
Marilyn Jean Charters (6/15/2008)
[New York Bight,NY] Fishing is really good With good catchs of bass , blues and flukes
Marilyn Jean Charters (6/09/2008)
[New York Bight,NY] Great Fishing Great company and Great weather Beat the Heat
Marilyn Jean Charters (6/05/2008)
[New York Bight,NY] Its getting better and better everyday Bass and fluke action
Marilyn Jean Charters (5/28/2008)
[New York Bight,NY] Sailing Daily 7am noon and 7pm WE ARE CATCHING FLUKE BASS AND BLUES
Captain Tony (9/13/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Had The guys from out east out again since id just get the names wrong I wont even try . Sea Bass and Fluke were on the hit list . We ahd tons of life on the pieces down south the guys had to fish through the pins to get at the keepers but we managed 60 or so nice Seabass and Mr Lou had a nice fish at 4. 8 lbs. We had around 20 fluke in all with all but 1 being just short and released. Fresh clam did the bass in while spering combos did in the Flukes
Bass Bass Bass Basssssss Marilyn jean Charters (8/26/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Today we had a charter for the Rios family . Capt. John and Paulie had them out for a day of seabassin . Plenty of action on the clams in 50 to 70 ft but many many shorts . The kids had a blast it was up and down fishing on most drops . They did manage a bussel basket of keepers for mom and dad to take home with a few fish in the 3 to 5 lb range.
Good Bassin (8/18/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Good bassin Tough conditions made fluking a drag
Marilyn Jean II (8/17/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] All trips are producing nice catches of quality fish
Marilyn Jean II great fluking now (8/12/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] The guys had a blast catching quality fish from 3 to 5 lbs with a jumbo , easily 10 # ..............
Fluking is Hot Hot! (8/09/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] This body of fish is still around and hungry . Fluking is hot now Why wait. Only 30 minutes from our dock plenty of fishing time
Great Fluking (8/05/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] We managed to stay in the deeper more productive areas most of the day and it was worth it.
Bigger Fish On the Spro (8/03/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] The bigger fish were slamming the spro and ripping the rod out of your hand .
Marilyn Jean II good fluking now (7/31/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Fishing the last few days has been very good with nice numbers and very nice size fluke . 50 ft and moving water is the ticket with strips and spearing being the bait of choice . Mike had this nice 7 lber and we had a few more in the 4 to 5 lb range.
Larger Fluke (7/29/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Larger fluke moving into deeper water excellent fishing when conditions are right
Great Fluking (7/24/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Both boats had some really good fluking today
Marilyn Jean Charters Nice Quality Fish (7/20/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Bassin has slowed a bit but the Flukin is Good
Marilyn Jean Charters Bassin (7/14/2007)
[Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn,NY] Fishing had been good with the new moon it got GREAT
Very Good Bassing NOW (7/13/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Worms continue to produce quality fish in the deep water
Marilyn Jean Charters Nice Quality Fish (7/11/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Both bassing and Fluking are producing quality catches and its 15 deg cooler on the water . Beat the haet
Fluking Is Red Hot! (7/08/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Fluking is red hot and the bassin is not to shabby either
Marilyn Jean Charters Nice Quality Fish (6/29/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] The actions is red hat and the weather is great Nows the time
Plenty Of Fish (6/22/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] both trip produced plenty of quality and a good quatity of fish
Fishing Remains Excellent With Large Bass and Fluke (6/21/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] We are catching good numbers and size fish drifting strips and sppearing around the can on both the am and noon trips. Both Fluke in the am and bass at night continue to please.
Bas Bas Bass Basssssss (6/18/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Great bass fishing right now Limit catches and great weather
Marilyn Jean Charters (6/16/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Harry fathers day we had 2 groups out with dad and they were rewarded
Marilyn Jean II good fluking now (6/15/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] the fluking is really good now with plenty of keepers and tons of action
Good Bassin and Quality fluke (6/14/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Both the am trips were ok and the pm was Good as well
great bassin (6/11/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] limit catches of nice seabass on the mj an all round good trip
Marilyn Jean II good fluking now (6/09/2007)
[Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn,NY] Todays trip produced plenty of action and some really nice fish for the abbys rest charter
Marilyn Jean II (6/03/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Pleny of action and a few really Nice size fish
Marilyn Jean Charters (6/01/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Good fluking and great bassin fishing has been great
Many many many Blues (5/20/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] The blues are just wild it really a frenzy
Great Bassin (5/18/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Great bassin on Now get in while its hot
Good Seabass action (5/14/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Seabassin was good in both quality and quantity
Seabass (5/12/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Slow fishing today. Calm seas and great company
Spring Toggin is alright (5/07/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Great weather and constant action made for a great day
Flounder fishing has been good (5/01/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] A nice bite in shallow water produced good action
Marilyn Jean Charters (3/04/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Well we got out and fished...But thats 3/4 the battle. Tough day on the MJ.
Great Linging (2/23/2007)
[New York Bight,NY] Great Linging but the togging was slow all in all a great day in Feb.
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