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Area Reporting: Anna Marina Island,

Bio: Being raised in the small town of Palmetto, Florida (Southern Tampa Bay) Captain Wayne Johnson grew up fishing the local waters of the Lower Tampa Bay, Terra Cia Bay, Manatee River, Anna Maria Island down to Sarasota Bay with more than 25 years of experience fishing the local backwaters targeting Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, and Trout. Captain Wayne; U.S. Coast Guard Licensed in 2004 and has been charter fishing every since. Fishing the lower Tampa Bay is worth the drive from St. Petersburg, Tampa, and surrounding cities with our natural mangrove lines and grass flats, the water clarity is as beautiful as anywhere in the Caribbean and the fishing is fantastic year round! Captain Wayne welcomes you to come spend a day on the beautiful waters of the Tampa Bay. “My biggest motivation is creating unforgettable experience as your charter captain! To each individual client charter fishing is a big event, from a child catching there first fish, a novice hooking up on a big fish; these are all experiences in life that everyone deserves to be positively memorable!” Captain Wayne

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The spring bite is on! (4/17/2012)
[Anna Maria Island,FL] Flats fishing with Captain Wayne Johnson targeting Snook, Tarpon, and well as targeting Trout and catching Mackerel, Cobia, Sharks, and Sea Bass.
The bite is on! (4/05/2012)
[Anna Maria Island,FL] Fishing the lower Tampa Bay with captain Wayne Johnson - The bite is on!