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Company: Fly Hooker Sportfishing

Area Reporting: Cabo San Lucas

Bio: Capt. George Landrum holds a 100 ton USCG Masters License and has over 20 years experience in Pacific Saltwater Fishing. The FlyHooker’s English speaking crew has over 35 years combined experience on the waters off Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The crew of the FlyHooker pride themselves in providing personalized service to their clients. Offshore fly fishing trips are regularly arranged with advance notice.

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Cabo Bite Report (3/23/2009)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Still no tuna. after the purse seiners cleaned up last year, it takes a couple years for the tuna to come back.
Cabo Bite Report (3/16/2009)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] we have finally hit spring time with some strong breezes adn cooling water temps.
Cabo Bite Report (3/09/2009)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Golden Gate Banks still hot for marlin. Inshore for sierra, snapper yellowtail for teh dinner table is hot hot hot.
The Marlin Bite Is Strong Again in Cabo (3/02/2009)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] a little heat wave this past week bringing day temps to the mid 90's and the marlin bite picked up strong again
Cabo Bite Report (2/23/2009)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Water is staying warm late in the year and the bite is still hot
Cabo Bite Report (2/16/2009)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] wind picked up and so did floating debris with lots of dorado hiding underneath
Cabo Bite Report (2/09/2009)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] We had our first bit of spring winds this past weekend. Nice today though.
Cabo Bite Report (2/02/2009)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] striped marlin bite still hangs on. big sierras inshore
Cabo Bite Report (1/26/2009)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] this is the nicest time of the year, fish are biting, perfect mid 80 degree days. You are not catching fish sitting there at the computer. Come on down.
Cabo Bite Report (1/19/2009)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] partly cloudy, striped marlin bite is hangin stgon, finally a few tuna showing up for the dinner table
Cabo Bite Report (1/12/2009)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] while it is cooling off around here, the marlin bite is staying strong
Colder Weather Has a Good Dorado and Striped Marlin Bite (1/05/2009)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Winter for us is upon us. Colder weather but still good dorado and striped marlin bite
Cabo Bite Report (12/29/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] It's been a busy Christmas week with everyone catching marlin and dorado!
Cabo Bite Report (12/22/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Merry Christmas to all. Have a safe Holiday Season!
Striped Marlin Fishing Cabo (12/15/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] striped marlin bite staying strong, a few dorado, yellowtail bite right off the arch!
Perfect Temps - The Fish Are Biting! (12/08/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] "it's the most wonderful time of the year!" perfect temperatures, the fish are biting!
The Fish Are Biting!!! (12/01/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] bite remains strong at the Gate, best time of the year, 80's in the daytime, light breeze and the fish are biting!!!!
Great Weather And Fishing - Fall In Cabo (11/24/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] it's fall in Cabo, great fishing all around, inshore offshore and even Finger Banks has a few fish biting
The Fish Are Biting! (11/17/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Finally settling into our comfort zone. low's in the 70's high just 90 with a pleasant breeze and the fish are biting!
Yellowfin were the big attraction in Cabo (11/10/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] well the tournaments are over and we can get back to semi normal. fish are biting, what are you waiting for??? come on down
The Western Outdoors Tuna Jackpot Fishing Tournament (11/03/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] one more tournament to go. The Western Outdoors Tuna Jackpot.
Presidents Cup Fishing Tournament (10/27/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] two more tournaments to go, we have the Presidents Cup this week and WON Tuna Tournament next week.
Tournament Fishing Cabo Mexico 800 Pound Marlin (10/20/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] we are in the middle of tournament season. Just heard the little Bisbee's was won with a fish over 800lbs!!!!! No other details yet.
Cabo Bite Report (10/13/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] well it's tournament season. The next 4 weeks will have everyone out hunting for that big fish!
Tropical Storm Threatening Cabo San Lucas (10/06/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] tropical strom threatening, hope if doesn't mess up the tournament fishing!!!
Finger Banks Fishing For Striped Marlin (9/29/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Finger Banks has started going off. Lots of Striped Marlin again.
Striped Marlin Fishing Is Picking Up In Cabo (9/22/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] no storms and lots of dorado, striped marlin bite picking up
Fishing After Lowell Shut Us Down (9/15/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Bite remained strong after Lowell kept us shut down for three days
Tuna and Dorado Everywhere In Cabo San Lucas (9/08/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Wow the bite was hot this week. Tuna and dorado everywhere. Hard to hook up marlin as the dorado were stealing the baits
Lots Of Nice Yellowfin Tuna After Tropic Storm Julio (9/01/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Wow TS Julio went by last week and the fishing is great. Lots of nice Yellowfin tuna and dorado. Marlin are there but not biting. Maybe it's because all the dorado are beating them to the baits!
Tropical Storm Julio Moves Out - Lets Go Fishing! (8/25/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Well T.S. Julio has moved out of the area, Port Captain opened the port at 10AM on Monday, so we'll see what's out there this afternoon
Big Tunas In Cabo San Lucas (8/18/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] lots of fish out there biting big tunas, big marlin and hot hot weather
Hot Temps and Hot Blue Marlin Fishing In Mexico (8/11/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] The blues are in and the storms keep heading west.
Fishing Warm Water In Cabo San Lucas (8/04/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Finally the warm water is staying in the area and the bite picks up!
Sportfishing Cabo - Warm Waters Coming Through (7/28/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Finally the warm waters are moving in, hopefully those big blues and blacks are coming in also.
Cabo Bite Report (7/21/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] tuna have moved in again, now if we can only keep the purse seiners out! blues moving in with the warm waters
Cabo Bite Report (7/14/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] getting hotter but still avoiding the storms.
Cabo Bite Report (7/07/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Must be summer, tropical depression last week, and storm clouds this week. I just hope they bring in more warm water!
Cabo Bite Report (6/30/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] could this actually be the beginning of summer?
Cabo Bite Report (6/23/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] very windy the last week, but as I am posting the fish report, the weather outside is warming right up without a breeze in sight. Is it summer yet?
Still slow offshore (6/16/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Still slow offshore but things are all right close to the beach for the Panga anglers.
Cabo Bite Report (6/09/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Slowly improving bite on all species compared to last week, water getting better. Average 1-2 Striped Marlin per boat.
Big Blues Coming Soon! (6/02/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] After last weeks winds, the water is warming up again. Hoepefully we'll be seeing some of the big blues soon!
Sportfishing Cabo San Lucas (5/26/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Well it seems the spring winds are running a little late this year. We though summer was coming early, but water and air have both cooled off a bit.
Cabo Bite Report (5/19/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] no seiners late this week, but of course there isn't any tuna either. Hopefully the have moved on and the tuna will be back!
Cabo Bite Report (5/12/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] not much going on after the purse seiners fished the area out.
Marlin bite is up with More Tuna This Week (5/05/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Purse seiners kidnap tuna last week, marlin bite is up. more tuna this week, marlin back to being picky
Cabo Bite Report (4/28/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Great fishing until the purse seiners showed up and netted most of the fish
Lots Of Squid On The Full Moon In Caba San Lucas (4/21/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] Full moon this week so the bite is a little off, lots of squid
Cabo Bite Report (4/14/2008)
[Cabo San Lucas,BJ] great weather and great fishing also. All we need is the marlin bite to really turn on, instead of their feeding on the squid
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