Fishing Reports by Captain J Lopez

About The Author:

Company: Gordy's Dusky Offshore Charters

Area Reporting: South Miami

Bio: South Miami Dade Offshore Charter. 20+ years local knowledge fishing South Miami. Target species such as Dolphin, Sailfish, Mackerel, Snapper, Grouper. Gordys Dusky is a 2005, 23 foot Open Fisherman. Boat has a 2006 Evinrude ETEC 250 Horsepower Engine. Boat is Tournament Rigged and equipped with all the latest in electronics to put you where the action is. Multiple coolers are on board and supplied with ice to keep your drinks, food, and fish cold. Plenty of dry storage is available onboard, as well as all the necessary safety gear.

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Mahi Mahi Better Late than Never (9/13/2011)
[Miami,FL] Mahi-Mahi Offshore. Yellowtail Snapper on the reef.
Little Current, Good Fishing? (4/12/2010)
[Miami,FL] Lots of yellowtail and mutton snapper, with some grouper in the mix.
Yellowtail Snapper is the Best Bet (9/28/2009)
[Miami,FL] Reef fishing continues to be where the action is. Offshore slow.
Weather's Hot, Fishing's Hot (6/22/2009)
[Miami,FL] Summer Mahi continues to be good. 5th Place win in the Homestead Kiwanis Dolphin Days Tournament.
Mahi-Mahi a good bet! (6/15/2009)
[Mosquito Lagoon,FL] Mahi Mahi continue to push in good numbers.
Spring Fishing is Going Off (5/19/2009)
[Miami,FL] Plenty of variety to go around. Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Sailfish, Yellowtail Snapper. Pick your poison.
Spring Mahi-Mahi Run Has Begun (4/16/2009)
[Miami,FL] South Florida Spring fishing is the best time of the year to target a variety of fish.
Yellowtail Snapper and King Mackerel (2/27/2009)
[Miami,FL] Lots of King Mackerel keep anglers with rod bends in the absence of Sailfish. Yellowtail Snapper action is also a good bet on the reefs.
Sailfish and Mahi-Mahi (1/21/2009)
[Miami,FL] Cold Fronts continue to push south and the Sailfish bite is hot!
Sailfish Continues to be a Good Bet (1/07/2009)
[Miami,FL] If you want to catch Sailfish this is the time of the year to do it. You dont have to go far.
Mahi-Mahi in December (12/07/2008)
[Miami,FL] Mahi-Mahi continue to show in good numbers during this Winter.
Dolphin Continue to Push South (11/26/2008)
[Miami,FL] Lots of Mahi-Mahi have bee pushing south inside 300 feet of water.
Autumn Fishing Has Variety (11/12/2008)
[Miami,FL] Autumn fishing continues to improve as cold fronts pass and wind is from the north.
Autumn Is Upon Us (10/14/2008)
[Miami,FL] Autumn Fishing is always a good thing. Lots of Baitfish and winter species moving in.
Mid September Fishing (9/22/2008)
[Miami,FL] Dolphin and Sailfish making an early showing after Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Ike.
Bottom Fishing Bonanza (8/04/2008)
[Miami,FL] July was a great month. Expect the same for August.
Reef Action beats Offshore Action (7/14/2008)
[Miami,FL] The reef continues to be the hot thing.
Yellowtail Snapper Bite is Red Hot! (7/10/2008)
[Miami,FL] Yellowtail Snapper and Mangrove are very productive on the reefs.
Yellowtail Snapper Night Time Action (6/30/2008)
[Miami,FL] The Yellowtail Snapper action at night has been red hot!
Late Spring Fishing is Hot (5/29/2008)
[Miami,FL] Late pusth of Sailfish, Blackfin Tuna, and Dolphin
Small Dolphin Moving Through (3/15/2008)
[Miami,FL] Lots of variety offshore. Winter species still around plus Mahi Mahi starting to make showing offshore.
Winter Sailfish Action (2/11/2008)
[Miami,FL] February is a hot month for Sailfish action!
Sail Fishing Continues to Rule the Days (1/02/2008)
[Miami,FL] Sailfish continue to migrate south as cool fronts push through.
Mutton Snapper Suprise! (11/30/2007)
[Miami,FL] Variety of species on the edge. Dolphin, Kingfish, Bonito, Sailfish.
Simple Day Fishing for Yellowtail Snapper (11/24/2007)
[Miami,FL] Plenty of reef species inside 70 feet that will keep all anglers busy.
More and More Winter Species Showing Up (11/15/2007)
[Miami,FL] Lots of Mackerel on Patch Reefs with more and more Sailfish showing up.
Winter Season Starting Off Right! (11/06/2007)
[Miami,FL] Good push of Sailfish and Dolphin after Tropical Storm Noel.
Solo Offshore Fishing Trip - Fowey Rocks (10/15/2007)
[Miami,FL] Plenty of baitfish and north east breezes will bring in plenty of pelagic species.
Autumn Is Upon Us (9/30/2007)
[Miami,FL] Yellowtail Snapper on the reefs and Dolphin Close to the edge.
Offshore Hit or Miss (8/12/2007)
[Miami,FL] Offshore fishing is slow both inside and outside.
Yellowtail Snapper Night Time Action (7/24/2007)
[Miami,FL] By far reef fishing continues to be the best bet if you want to avoid the heat and afternoon thunderstorms.
Big Yellowtail Snapper on the Reefs (7/02/2007)
[Miami,FL] Lots of big yellowtail snapper are being caught on the reef if the current is right.
South Bay Tarpon (6/26/2007)
[Miami,FL] Still plenty of residential Tarpon in Southern Bicayne Bay canals.
Dolphin Season in Full Swing (6/07/2007)
[Miami,FL] Plenty of Dolphin offshore. No need to go far.
South Dade Dolphin Report (4/13/2007)
[Miami,FL] Gaffer size dolphin starting to show up at the docks. Spring Season is here!
Dolphin During Winter Months (1/30/2007)
[Miami,FL] Cold weather in place should improve Sailfish bite. Fishing on the edge has been slow. We are still catching the occassional dolphin. Sailfish bite has been on one day off the next. Some of us believe the bite has been slow due to the lack of cool weather this year.
December Fishing South Of Fowey Rocks (12/19/2006)
[Miami,FL] Variety continues to be on the menu. We are catching Sailfish, Dolphin, Kingfish, Grouper, Mutton Snapper.
Sailfish Are Here! (11/13/2006)
[Miami,FL] Looks like Sailfish are starting to make a showing! Winter fishing in South Florida has begun.
South Miami Offshore Report - Triumph Reef (11/10/2006)
[Miami,FL] Calm Weather = Tough Fishing. Sailfish bite was off. Kingfish bite good early in the morning.
Fowey Rocks To Offshore Key Biscayne Fishing Report (11/03/2006)
[Miami,FL] Winter fishing is starting to get in full swing. Today we had the pleasure of fishing with ex Marine, Gulf War Veteran, Daniel Garcia. We loaded up on Bait at Bugs Light and decided on heading to Fowey Rocks and start our drifts between 70 and 300 feet. We managed a descent King Mackerel bite early in the morning that lasted till about 10:00 AM. During one of the drifts we possibly lost a Sailfish. After we decided to head north to fish some of the wrecks of Key Biscayne. On the way there we observed a nice rip and managed a small Dolphin.