Fishing Reports by Captain Jeff Dauzat

About The Author:

Company: Fin and Feather Guide Service

Area Reporting: Delacroix , Venice, and Hopedale LA

Bio: Captain Jeff J. Dauzat, is USCG licensed and insured and has been working these waters since 1988. Captain Dauzat has a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Louisiana Tech University and an M.S. in Industrial Hygiene from Tulane University.

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Working Artificial Lures (9/10/2007)
[Delacroix,LA] Good fishing deep in Breton Sound. Trout and redfish were working over our artificial lures.
Delacroix Report (8/11/2007)
[Delacroix,LA] A little rough in Breton Sound today. The fish did not mind ans we caught good trout and redfish.
Outstanding Fishing For Trout and Redfish (8/04/2007)
[Delacroix,LA] Outstanding fishing for trout and redfish in Breton Sound.
Brenton Sound Bull Reds (7/25/2007)
[Delacroix,LA] Big school of bull reds swept through the trout hole and pulled us all around the boat.
Delacroix Report (7/21/2007)
[Delacroix,LA] Excellent fishing in spite of the weather. Ice chest full of trout, redfish and flounder on artificial cocahoes, live shrimp and croakers.
Hungry trout (6/23/2007)
[Mendeville,LA] Hungry trout are working artificial cocahoes in Breton Sound, Louisiana.
Delacroix Report Fishing Out In Breton Sound (6/22/2007)
[Lafitte,LA] Beautiful day of fishing out in Breton Sound.
Beware Of Catfish Barbs (6/17/2007)
[Delacroix,LA] Beware of catfish barbs. I got stuck between the index and middle fingers. Ouch!
Delacroix Report (6/10/2007)
[Delacroix,LA] Windy and dirty water out of Delacroidx this morning. Redfish do not mind dirty water.
Stayed Inside and Caught Plenty Of Fish (5/19/2007)
[Delacroix,LA] Windy day out of Delacroix. Too rough for outside waters so we stayed in to catch plenty of fish.
Delacroix report (5/10/2007)
[Delacroix,LA] A full box of trout, flounder, redfish and black drum out of Delacroix this AM
Delacroix Report (4/22/2007)
[Delacroix,LA] Tough fishing in the Delacroix marsh. High winds and raging tides made dirty water conditions throughout the system.
Delacroix Report (4/02/2007)
[Delacroix,LA] Trout and redfish and tearing it up out of Delacroix, Louisiana.
Delacroix Speckled Trout & Redfish Fishing Report (3/11/2007)
[Delacroix,LA] Good for speckled trout and redfish in the Delacroix marsh.
Fishing Report For Delacroix Marsh (8/31/2006)
[Delacroix,LA] Good fishing out of the Delacroix marsh.
Hopedale Rig Fishing Report (8/08/2006)
[Hopedale,LA] My guests were treated to excellent fishing in Breton Sound today. The seas were small with light winds and a few scattered thunder boomers.
Hopedale LA Fishing Report (7/25/2006)
[Hopedale,LA] We stopped at a rig and immediately got into the fish. Trout 14-16" were blasting our lures. My guests were working live shrimp carolina rigged and 3' under corks.
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