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Company: Captain Joe Wards River Charters

Area Reporting: Indian River Lagoon

Bio: Capt. Joe has been fishing the waters of the Indian River since he was 6 years old. When his father first took him snook fishing on the old wooden bridges using nothing more than a Calcutta pole, 100 pound mono and a big mullet attached to a 6/0 hook. Capt. Joes first snook wasn't that big, about 10 pounds, but after a 5 minute fight his father helped him flip the snook up onto the bridge and that is when Capt. Joe knew he was hooked on snook fishing. Capt. Joe is a U.S.C.G. licensed Captain as well as a MET registered Captain.

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Strong Sailfish Bite Offshore Ft Pierce (12/28/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Inshore fishing good and sailfish bite going strong offshore. The bottom fishing has been OK on the calmer days for snapper, grouper, seabass and other bottom fish. The best bite seems to be to the north of the Ft. Pierce Inlet over the wrecks and reefs.
Teen Angler Tournament Report (12/22/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Inshore fishing has been slow if you could get out of the wind and there has been no offshore fishing. Last Sunday was the monthly inshore fishing tournament for the local chapter of Teen Anglers. As usual the teen's made a good showing with their fish. In the middle school division 1st place and biggest fish of the tournament went to Dillion Roberts-Louria of Forest Grove for the 4lb. 12oz. redfish he caught.
Ft. Pierce Inshore - Offshore Report (12/14/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] The wind isn't keeping the snook anglers from fishing until the season closes. Most of the week the sea conditions were only good for the bigger boats and they reported sailfish, again to the north of the Ft. Pierce Inlet. The bite has been starting in 80 feet of water but, along with the sails you had to put up with the cuda's, sharks and the kingfish. Most of the kingfish reported were in 50 to 70 feet of water and taking a slow trolled live bait if you could find them.
Trout Bite Is Good In Deepr Holes (12/07/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] The catwalks of the South Bridge has been a good place to fish for the land locked anglers. They have been reporting good catches of sheepshead, snapper, flounder, croakers, sand perch and a few nice size black drum. Most of the fish were caught on a live shrimp. The trout both to the north and south in the river have been in the deeper holes along the flats. Remember that trout season is still closed and you need to handle the trout as little as possible.
High Winds In Ft Pierce Have Not Slowed Down The Fishing (11/30/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Even with the wind and rain the fish are active. The inshore fishing this week has been good if you were brave enough to fish in the rain and wind. There were a couple of mornings that it wasn't that bad. On Tuesday my charter caught and released all the big trout we could handle. We were using a live shrimp and free lining it. Trout season remains closed in November and December.
Flounder and Snook Bite Good Inshore Ft Pierce (11/26/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Flounder and snook bite has been good inshore and sailfish and dolphin offshore. The inshore fishing has been good even with the cold temps and the wind. The snook action has been good around both the North and South Bridges at night at the beginning of the our going tide. A live pinfish or a hand pick shrimp have been the way to go. I did get a report of an over the slot snook caught on a Flair Hawk in the Turning Basin.
S.K.A. Nationals Kingfish Association Is Here (11/17/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] With the S.K.A. National here this week everyone id looking for kingfish.
Fishing Will Pick Up When Winds Calms Down (11/08/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Wind blowing -- not much fishing. Fishing will pick up when the wind lays down. The inshore fishing this week has been tough to say the least. The strong winds have kept most anglers at home. But, as the wind lays down look for the water to start clearing up and for lots of action from the snook. The best places will be around the local bridges and in the Ft. Pierce Inlet. The croakers, sheepshead and weakfish will be in the deeper holes of the Intercoastal. But for now the only reports are that there is plenty of jacks in the Ft. Pierce Inlet.
High Winds and Sloppy Seas (11/01/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Due to the wind conditions the fishing has been slow. The ocean has been sloppy with only a few big boats trying with only a few fish to report. The handful of dolphin that were caught came from 160 to 180 feet of water and were caught on naked ballyhoo. A few kings were reported in 60 to 90 feet of water and they were taking a live blue runner.
Good Dolphin and Sailfish Bite (10/25/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] The inshore fishing was improving beofre the wind started. The dolphin and sailfish bite was good over the weekend.
Good Trout Bite Inshore Ft Pierce (10/19/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] The trout bite has been good inshore and the seas are laying down and the fishing is improving. The inshore fishing has been good for some anglers and slow for others. I have been getting reports of some nice trout early in the morning up around the Moorings Flats to the North and finger mullet has been the bait to use.
Snook Bite Is Getting Better Ft Pierce Inshore (10/11/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Snook bite is betting better, dolphin and kingfish bite still going strong. The inshore fishing has improved some this week for the anglers looking for snook. It is still not a red hot bite but the reports from the local bridges and in the Turning Basin are improving. The best catches are coming form the late night tide change and a live bait like a croaker, pinfish, mullet or a select shrimp have produced the most fish.
Good Dolphin Bite Ft Pierce Offshore (10/05/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] With the wind picking up it has made the water inshore dirty and rough offshore. The inshore fishing has been up and down this week as the wind has just kept blowing and has made the water cloudy again. Some anglers are finding a few keeper size snook around the bridges in Ft. Pierce as well as a few in the Ft. Pierce Inlet. Live baits like pinfish, croakers and mullet have been working the best.
Ft. Pierce Offshore Fishing Getting Better (9/28/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Offshore fishing is still slow but seems to be getting better. had reports of dolphin in the 8 to 12 pound range and they we scattered from 100 to 300 feet of water. A few wahoo came into the docks at the Dockside Inn and Resort and they were caught in water from 300 to 400 feet. Most of the wahoo were in the 20 pound range.
Snook Fishing Is Slow (9/20/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Snook fishing is still slow as is the offshore fishing.
Indian River and Ft Pierce Offshore Fishing Report (9/12/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Inshore & offshore fishing has been slow due to water conditions.
Offshore Fishing Ft Pierce Picking Up (8/24/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Inshore fishing remains about the same as we wait on the opening of snook season. Offshore things are starting to pick up.
Ft. Pierce Inshore - Offshore Fishing Report (8/17/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Inshore fishing has been good all week and offshore the water temps are starting to come up.
Ft. Pierce Inshore - Offshore Report (8/10/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] Inshore fishing is still good but the water temps are still cold on the bottom offshore.
Ft. Pierce Inshore - Offshore Report (8/02/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] With the cold bottom temps the offshore fishing has been slow. Inshore the fishing has been very active.
Ft Pierce Fishing (7/12/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] The flats have been active this week with plenty of trout being reported just after daylight and they have been taking top water baits.
Ft Pierce Offshore Fishing (6/28/2006)
[Fort Pierce,FL] There has been plenty of trout being reported during the early morning hours when using top water baits, twitch baits and soft plastic baits. After about 8am try using a live pigfish.
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