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Company: Miss Judy Charters

Area Reporting: Inshore and Offshore Savannah Georgia

Bio: Miss Judy Charters provides Inshore fishing, Offshore fishing, and Gulf Stream fishing charters. Whether it's sport fishing for the serious angler or a leisurely day for the family, we have the trip for you. We have been fishing in Savannah, Tybee and adjacent waters for over 50 years. We have the knowledge for your inshore and offshore fishing adventure. Take a look inside, you will find current fishing reports by Captain Judy and pictures of the many fish we catch here in Coastal Savannah Georgia.

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Savannah Offshore artificial reefs fishing report (10/13/2009)
[Savannah,GA] Offshore artificial reefs fishing report, offshore flounder fishing Savannah Banks bottom fising at it finest!
Inshore Fishing For Savannah (10/13/2009)
[Savannah,GA] The inshore, Text book wild style fishing, The Big Trout attack, Surf fishng, Savannah River Jetties fishing and report more than just a report...
Inshore Fishing Bite Pattern (3/27/2009)
[Savannah,GA] The inshore bite pattern is good, but will get better....
Captain Judy's February 2, 2009 fishing report (2/01/2009)
[Savannah,GA] This is Captain Judy's entire report about fishing schools, inshore reports and suggestions, offshore artifical reefs, offshore snapper banks, gulf stream, freshies suggestions, and Little Miss Judy's Believe it or not story...
Captain Judy's Offshore Fishing School, Savannah Georgia (2/01/2009)
[Savannah,GA] Captain Judy's Offshore school is Saturday February 7, 2009 for those that really want to know the big offshore deal this is the place to be...sign up now! Thanks Captain Judy
New Year's Eve in the Fifties with dear old day (1/05/2009)
[Savannah,GA] Another Little Miss Judy's Believe it or not! It's all about new years eve and I'm right you aren't going to believe it...
Riding the Wild cat fish (1/05/2009)
[Savannah,GA] A lot of fishermen are "noodling," but not me! Here's how some accomplish the goal of noodling!
Savannah Snapper Banks (1/05/2009)
[Savannah,GA] where to catch what and what to use for's time to go now....and catch lots of big red snapper
Blue Fin Tuna Off Georgia and South Carolina (1/05/2009)
[Savannah,GA] For those fishermen that want to get a shot at a blue fin in less than 70 feet of water...I suggest reading this article and report along with suggestions on what to use for bait
Offshore Artificial Reefs (1/05/2009)
[Savannah,GA] Real time bait is not always needed to catch a fish...jigging is in!
Captain Judy's Inshore Sheepshead Bite. (1/05/2009)
[Savannah,GA] Yes, blue back fiddlers are the bait to use..however, when you don't want to dig here's another option for bait that works.."Bugged Out Shrimp!" detail to follow
Captain Jack McGowan's inshore fishing report (1/05/2009)
[Savannah,GA] The weather in this area has been great! Not too cold and the fish hasn't been everyday, but kindy of's a few tips...
Jan 5 2009 Captain Judy's Entire fishing report (1/05/2009)
[Savannah,GA] This fishing reprot is a little long this week. So therefore I have included a "table of contents" with part marked..hope you enjoy
Little Miss Judy's Driving without a license (12/28/2008)
[Savannah,GA] This is the third and last part to the story about Captain Judy driving a car without a license..another true story put to print!
Flat Head Cats (12/28/2008)
[Savannah,GA] For those freshwater fish wanting a big pull try this fish on for won't be disappointed!
Savannah's Blue Water Fishing Report (12/28/2008)
[Savannah,GA] It might be winter, but the gulf stream has it going on for those that make the trip..."proving once again you don't know unless you go!"
Winter Time Offshore fishiing report (12/28/2008)
[Savannah,GA] It's time to go fish offshore. It doesn't matter nearshore or offshore the bit is on!
Patterson's Great Inshore Trolling Secrets Revealed (12/28/2008)
[Savannah,GA] When a season fishermen such as Desmond Patterson speaks I listen and remember what he says, because people who have fished for many year know what they are talking all about trolling for big spotted sea trout.
Captain Judy's Introduction to Pro Fish Chum (12/28/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Most chums require some sort of freezing..Pro Fish Chum is pressure packed in it's own bags ready to mess, it just works both inshore and offshore...put it where you think fish are going to think about being and watch what happens...
Captain Judy's Inshore and offshore School dates (12/28/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Captain Judy offers about three schools a year, which are held in January and February 2009..Here are the dates as well as the short and long versions of what you can expect from each school
Christmas in the Fifties with Dear Old Captain Dad! (12/21/2008)
[Savannah,GA] This is a true Christmas story that really happened. It's not a fishing report, but the subject of fishing is what caused all this to happen!
The Worm Plan! (12/21/2008)
[Savannah,GA] My father was a man that like to get thing done and done fast..he only wanted to spend time doing what he wanted so therefore things like collecting bait he had good ideas on the easy ways to get your worms to come to you!
South Ledge Goes Wild! (12/21/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Our blue water fishing off the coast of Georgia is good, but you have to go to know. So therefore It's time to go...where to go, what to expect to catch, what to use for bait, where to purchase and much more very good information.
Captain Judy's Offshore Fishing Suggestions (12/21/2008)
[Savannah,GA] I'm not going to say, "I have been fishing a lot offshore, because I haven't!" However, when I do go I know what to do....becuase I have done it so much over the past on!
Captain Jack's Exclusinve Inshore Fishing Report (12/21/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Captain Jack shares his inshore reports with us, which are great, true, and proven to be priceless when used!
Driving Legally without a license (12/14/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Yes, this is another "Little Miss Judy's Believe It or not story!
Freshies Suggestions (12/14/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Freshwater fishermen that fish saltwater with me!
Gulf Stream Fishing Report (12/14/2008)
[Savannah,GA] the fishing is great just have to pick the right day to go!
Offshore Report (12/14/2008)
[Savannah,GA] For those looking for a short ride to the fish now is the time to go! It's not that cold in Savannah!
How to Catch Inshore Sheepshead aka Convict Fish! (12/14/2008)
[Savannah,GA] There are several ways to get your best shot a oneof these "set the hook before it bites fish." find out three ways to win and win big!
How to get near those cold water reds (12/14/2008)
[Savannah,GA] It's cold and so are the fish...they move real slow on the bite..get the scoop!
Swirleybird spinner (12/14/2008)
[Savannah,GA] This is a great lure no matter whether you are fishing freshwater or saltwater it works!
Little Miss Judy's Believe it or not Story Part one (12/06/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Just when Captain Judy thinks she has told them all in comes yet another very interesting story about her childhood with her very colorful father
Cold Water Crappie Part Two (12/06/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Captain Judy's not a freshwater fisherman..however, she fishes with the best of the freshwater fishermen and they tell her how it's done and it is!
Blue Water Report of Sav GA (12/06/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Black fin tuna, sailfish, and dolphin..find out where, how, and what it took to catch these fish...
Capt Judy's Artificial reefs and Sav Sanpper Banks Suggestions and report (12/06/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Capt Judy really knows fish! She has been fishing for over fifty years....Find out what the artificila reefs are holding and if interested how to catch a red snapper and what to use for bait...Their is a baiting path to take to get a big red snapper find out how to do it!
Capt Jack McGowan Inshore Cold Water Report (12/06/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Captain Jack McGowan of Miss Judy Charters is a seasoned captain, meaning he has been fishing for a long time and he knows fish....and now he is going to introduce them to you!
Capt Alan Collins Cold Water Suggestion for Red Fish and Spotted sea trout (12/06/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Captain Alan Collins of Miss Judy Charters fish's a lot...with or without therefore he has gotten the cold water bite down..find out how he does it!
Capt Judy's 2008 Christmas List (12/06/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Here's list of things that mnake for great 2008 Christmas list Happy Holidays to All!
Moon Shine Recipe (11/29/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Now it might not have all the steps right, but it's close enough at least according to some! It's a fun story!
Deep cold Water Crappie (11/29/2008)
[Savannah,GA] It that time where it helps to get another fisherman's point of view..I talk a lot of freshwater fishermen fishing offshore and we talk a lot...I take notes because the information is so good....
Blue Water Suggestions (11/29/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Find out where to get you sea surface temperature chart read out's time to go! temperature break and edges are getting right!
Savannah Snapper Banks Fish Day by Captain Judy (11/29/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Dave Hopp and crew did a great job of catching some nice red snapper...however, there are things that you can do and we did to get this catching job done...the bait, how to catch, what to use and how!
Georgia's Artificial Reefs and their Occupants. (11/29/2008)
[Savannah,GA] The flat fish have arrived...yes I am talking about's a great time to target this fish while offshore...find out more...
Stanley Devegter and David Ranew went a fishing (11/29/2008)
[Savannah,GA] This DUO went fishing and boy, those that didn't really got a great fishing didn't go then but when you do you will know...bottom fishing at it finest..suggestions and baits used...
Fishing Report and Suggestions Straight from Captain Jack Helm (11/29/2008)
[Savannah,GA] It's cold, but fishermen still have to therefore you might as well get some pointers on how it's done right!
Red Fish and Their Tails.... (11/29/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Captain Ray Crawely of Miss Judy Charters knows the way of red fish especially during the cold never hurts in the catch deal to hear someone else's opinion!
Savannah (11/29/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Savannah Red and Trout Celebrity Classic Tournament Results November 20-22 2008 though you might like to see this...good tournament for a good cause!
Little Miss Judy's Believe it or not Thanksgiving Family Tradional story (11/22/2008)
[Savannah,GA] This is story number two about my Thanksgivings at my wonderful Aunt Hattie's's was very traditonal as well as very interesting Hope you enjoy....Captain Judy
Little Miss Judy's Thanksgiving Story (11/22/2008)
[Savannah,GA] Back in the old days things at my house during Thanksgiving weren't normal much less traditional...I wouldn't change that for the world...hope you enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!
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