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Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report (7/01/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] This was another good week of fishing for most folks. Anglers found a decent bite for all species in spite of the mayflies.
Fishing and Catching Were Both Good (6/17/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Fishing and catching were both good, about mid-week till today, optimistically, fishing should remain strong into this next week.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report (6/10/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Weather fronts moved in and out throughout the week chasing anglers off the lake, as well as forcing them to change shorelines for angling.
Rain Raising Water Levels Nicely (6/03/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Fair weather and rainfall throughout the week is warming the water and raising the water levels nicely.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report (5/27/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Most anglers this past week enjoyed catching a variety of fish. Aggressive pike, pre-spawn bass and roaming walleyes are surprising some anglers with their whereabouts.
Northern Pike Aggressive (5/20/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Anglers have found walleyes at various depths, Northern pike aggressive and smallmouth moving in shallow.
Kabetogama - Namakan Fishing Report (5/13/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Opening Weekend - What Beautiful Weather!
Kabetogama - Namakan Fishing Report (5/07/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Minnesota Opener Report on Kabetogama and Namakan.
Ice Is Out Of Kabetogama (4/29/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Ice should be out on Kabetogama before you read this report.
Kabetogama - Namakan Fishing Report (4/15/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] The Ash River/Sullivan Bay area may provide some early crappie fishing depending on ice out.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report (4/01/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] The lakes still have plenty of ice, but standing water, slush and unpredictable pressure ridges limit the areas available for angling.
Kabetogama/Namakan Fishing Report (3/26/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Sloppy ice conditions didn't deter anglers from trying their luck for crappies and pike in Namakan.
Walleye Season Extended on Namakan Lake (3/04/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Namakan Lake, a border water, provides anglers with the walleye season extended til April 15th, and northern pike season continuous.
End Of Season On Inland Waters (2/25/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] As the season ends on inland waters for walleyes and northern pike, opportunities for pike in Namakan might satisfy an urge to fish for many of us.
Northern Pike Fishing (2/18/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Northern pike still the active fish, though a few anglers found some big perch.
Anglers Ventured Into The Artic Blast For Walleyes (2/11/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Anglers that ventured into the artic blast for walleyes found the best depth in the 36-38' range.
Sub-Zero Temperatures at Kabetogama / Namakan Lakes (2/04/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] WOW - we certainly have ice makin' weather now. The anglers and spearing enthusiasts are enjoying the ice conditions with lots of areas to fish that in previous years would have been off limits.
Kabetogama/Namakan Lakes Fishing Report (1/28/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] A full week of normal temperatures and little snow leaves the ice surface in great shape for ice travel. Positive Fishing reports have been steadily coming in.
Kabetogama - Namakan Lakes Fishing Report (1/22/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Ice fishing has been very accessible this year on all the surrounding lakes. Kabetogama, Namakan and Ash River. Come check out that special fishing hole you have not been able to get to the last couple of years.
Voyageurs National Park Fishing Report (1/15/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Voyageurs National Park Fishing Report, includes Kabetogama, Namakan, Ash River and inland lake report. Trout fishing opened on Saturday and is included in the many species available in this area. Walleyes, Crappie, Perch and Northern pike are presently active and all areas of the lakes are open and safe.
Kabetogama - Namakan Fishing Report (1/07/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Kabetogama - Namakan Fishing Report 1/8/07. FINALLY - a little bit of winter is arriving. Today 3" of fresh snow, more in the forecast and below zero temps before the week is over.
Kabetogama - Namakan Fishing Report (1/03/2007)
[Lake Kabetogama,MN] Mixed bag of weather has hampered anglers the last couple of weeks, making traveling on ice difficult.
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