Fishing Reports by Captain Rich Galauski

About The Author:

Company: Viking Marine Enterprise Inc (Cindy Lou)

Area Reporting: New Jersey Seacoast/Barnegat Bay/Rivers

Bio: ex - lobsterman/commercial fisherman -- research vessel captain -- party boat/charter boat owner -operator

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Try again During the Week (10/18/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Tried to get out but the weather put us back to the dock
Blues/waiting for the Bass (10/10/2009)
[Brick Beach,NJ] Blues are here -- 10 to 12 lb fish -- it will only get better
Blues are still here (10/05/2009)
[Belmar,NJ] Bluefish are still here -- and will be for awhile yet
Blues in the Metedeconk (10/03/2009)
[Barnegat Bay,NJ] There are Blues in the Metedeconk River !!
The Metedeconk (9/23/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] Great fishing/crabbing on the Metedeconk @ the Mouth of the Bay
Snappers (9/14/2009)
[Point Pleasant,NJ] They are in the River -- they are everywhere and anywhere.
More shorts (7/14/2009)
[Metedeconk River,NJ] A day out @ Sea Girt Reef into the Beach out to the Manasquan Bell
Isn't Time After Inspection (6/13/2009)
[Brick Beach,NJ] 1st trip out after CG drydock and topside inspection
Blues but no Flounder (5/17/2009)
[Metedeconk River,NJ] Started out fishing for Winter Flopunder -- ended up catching Bluefish
Cindy Lou - flounder (4/19/2009)
[Brick Beach,NJ] A great day on top of the winter flounders with Cindy Lou