Fishing Reports by Captain Ron Westrate

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Company: CoHooker Charter Fishing Service

Area Reporting: Lake Michigan, Port of Saugatuck

Bio: CoHooker Charter Fishing Service is operated by a father and son team and has been in business for 33 years out of the Port of Saugatuck. We operate a 29 foot Luhrs Tournamenet that is insured licensed and fully equipped with the latest in electronics and fishing gear. We serve as prostaff for Scotty downriggers, Pro Troll Falshers, G flies and Raider lures.

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Steelhead in the Kalamazoo (11/06/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] As the Kalamazoo River subsides, the steelhead fishing is improving.
High winds and seas slows fishing (10/12/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] The last two weeks produced some very rough water and high winds and the fish have scattered.
2 and 3 yr. old salmon in Saugatuck (9/28/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] Fishing in the 110 to 140 foot of water produced some very good catches of 2 and 3 yr. old salmon.
Salmon inshore and offshore in Saugatuck (9/20/2009)
[Lake Michigan,MI] There are salmon in front the piers and also in 100 to 140 foot of water.
Spoons for salmon and steelhead in Saugatuck (9/14/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] With a few salmon being caught in front the piers, the main concentration is off shore in 60 to 120 foot of water.
Where are our salmon? (9/07/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] After limit catches Monday in front the piers the run never developes.
Another weekend of wind and rough water (8/30/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] Good fishing during the week but rough water every weekend is becoming the norm.
Good fishing when the wind doesn't blow (8/23/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] Windy conditions kept us off the lake for 3 days however the fishing continues to be very good.
15 Fish in 75 Minutes (8/17/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] Saugatuck is producing some good early morning fishing for chinook salmon and lake trout.
High winds, rough water and more unfishable waters (8/09/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] High winds and seas again caused the cancelation of charters this weekend, however good chinook fishing available.
High Winds and Seas and Big Kings in Saugatuck (8/02/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] High winds and seas limited the fishing, however some very big kings are being caught.
Big Kings Show Up (7/26/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] The kings are beginning to show up and are staging in the 100 foot depth.
Chinook salmon and perch in Saugatuck (7/19/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] Lake trout on the bottom, salmon and steelhead 65 to 80 foot down and perch in 40 foot of water.
Back to lake trout in Saugatuck (7/12/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] Limit catches early in the week with salmon and trout and then mostly lake trout by the end of the week.
Salmon showing up in Saugatuck (7/05/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] Salmon are beginning to stage in the 100 foot depth that we expected them to do.
Silver Fish and perch showing up in Saugatuck (6/28/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] A thermocline is forming and the silver fish are starting to stage at that depth.
11 in. Hot Chip for Lake Trout (6/23/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] Flashers and flies on the bottom produced some good catches of lake trout.
Bottom Bumping 11 in Hot Chip (6/14/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] Drop the downriggers to the bottom with large flashers and flies.
Cold water scatters the salmon (6/07/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] Stong east winds forced the warm water out and the lake has cooled scattering the salmon.
Strong east winds cools water and fishing in Saugatuck (5/31/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] A week of strong east wind cooled the water and scattered the fish from 70 to 200 foot of water.
Kings, steelhead and lake trout in Saugatuck (5/25/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] Fish salmon in the 120 foot range early and then 200 + feet late in the week.
Big May Chinook Salmon (5/17/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] Another week of very good chinook salmon with some coho and lake trout and steelhead thrown in.
Big Chinook, Lake Trout, Coho and Steelhead out of Saugatuck (5/11/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] Spring fishing is producing some very large chinook salmon and coho.
15+ pound Kings and limit perch catches. (5/04/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] King salmon have finally showed up in this area and there are reports of limit catches of perch.
Walleye and lake trout (4/27/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] Walleye season opens and the water on the big lake continues to warm, producing some nice lake trout catches.
Perch fishing between the piers (4/21/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] Cold water continues to slow the fishing in the lake, however the perch are biting off the piers.
Lake Trout Return and Cold Water (4/16/2009)
[Saugatuck,MI] With the season closed for lake trout, all the trout most be returned in our 38 degree water.
Kalamazoo River Steelhead (11/12/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] The river fishing is starting to pick up with 2 to 7 steelhead per trip.
Good Fishing Off shore (10/20/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] Fishing continues to be slow in the River however there is some fairly good fishing off shore.
Warm water, deep water fishing (9/29/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] Continued warm water, means that we have to go deep and fish deep to get the salmon.
11 inch E Chip for Salmon (9/21/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] Deep water fishing with flashers and flies produce some nice salmon and lake trout.
Fish deep in the warm water (9/14/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] Warm water and dredging of the harbor forced boats to fish deep water.
Salmon run and dredging (9/07/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] Just as the cold water started the salmon run, the government decided to dredge the harbor.
Every day a different depth (9/01/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] With the warm water moving in the fish have scattered from the shore to 240 foot of water.
Fishing can't get better than this. (8/24/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] Fishing is excellent from 100 to 200 foot of water with limit catches.
Plugs shallow, flashers and flies deep (8/17/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] Fishing shallow water early in the week and deep water as the water warmed up.
Salmon, wind and water spouts (8/10/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] Nice weather and good fishing early in the week and then wind and high waves late in the week.
Salmon on flashers and flies (8/03/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] The best method continues to be flashers and flies in 100 to 130 foot of water.
Salmon on plugs in Saugatuck (7/27/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] Salmon in the shallower water are hitting silver horde plugs.
Dive Bomb the Salmon (7/20/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] Get down to 70 foot by adding a dive bomb to your copper line and allow 3oo foot of copper to reach the depths of 450 foot of copper.
Perch show up at Saugatuck (7/13/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] Chinook salmon and lake trout are being caught in 100 to 180 foot of water and perch are showing up in 30 to 40 foot of water.
Fun?? With The Spiney Water Flea (7/07/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] Fishing was made a little more difficult with the need to clean the fleas off the lines.
Inconsistent catches (6/30/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] The fish are set up in 100 foot of water, however the fishing is inconsistent.
100 FOW Fish At Last (6/22/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] Fish are beginning to show up in the 100 to 140 foot range.
June doldrums (6/16/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] The fishing has slowed as the water temperature is the same from top to bottom.
Fish high one day-deep the next. (6/09/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] The fishing pattern changed from one day to the next with fish hitting deep one day and then shallow the next.
Fishing worth the long run (6/01/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] The fishing is very good with 12 to 20 fish per boat after a run to 200 foot.
Spoons high and flashers and flies deep (5/25/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] Fishing produced very nice catches by fishing spoons in the top 40 foot and flashers and lies down to the bottom.
Deep water fishing in Saugatuck (5/13/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] The water is the same temp from top to bottom and the fish are deep in the column.
Best Lake Trout Catch in Years (5/05/2008)
[Saugatuck,MI] Lake trout caught deep and salmon and steelhead caught shallow.
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