Fishing Reports by Captain Sandra Allen

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Company: Book Me A Charter

Area Reporting: St. George Island - Apalachicola

Bio: Our goal at Book Me A Charter is to provide the best Inshore and Offshore Fishing, Oystering and Tour guide services in the area. Our captains are experienced in the waters of the Apalachicola Area including the Gulf of Mexico.

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Warmer weather, Hotter fishing! (4/25/2008)
[Apalachicola,FL] If you're visiting the Panhandle, you've gotta go fishing with Book Me A Charter! We offer Inshore and Offshore fishing with experienced, native guides!
Fishing, fishing and more fishing! Man, I love my job! (4/01/2008)
[Apalachicola,FL] Vacationing on St. George Island or Cape San Blas. We offer inshore and offshore fishing with experienced native guides.
The waters are warmer and the fishing is hotter! (5/02/2007)
[Apalachicola,FL] Aprils cool beginning should have us fishing a longer spring season for inshore species of fish. Expect our Apalachicola area waters to slowly warm. As May temperatures start to heat up the bays and estuarial area waters expect the fishing in general to be good, some days excellent with the right conditions.
April Means Fishing! (4/08/2007)
[Apalachicola,FL] The spring fishing season is upon us and all the captains are like kids in a candy store. This is the month for fishing! The excitement is in the air (or should I say in the water) and we can hardly wait to go fishing everyday.
Fantabulous Apalachicola Fall Fishing! (12/14/2006)
[Apalachicola,FL] Spring is coming, book your charters early! As many of you saw (thank you for the phone calls and emails)- “We Have Hit the Big Time”! Captain Dwayne and I were featured by The Weather Channel a couple of days ago in a documentary of sorts of a series called “Jobs worth Weathering” by Abrams and Bettes.
Fall Fishing Months In Apalachicola (9/15/2006)
[Apalachicola,FL] The cooling months of October and November are prime fall fishing months for schooling Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder and Black Drum.
Fishing Is Best Early Morning (8/15/2006)
[Apalachicola,FL] During this time of year the fishing is best in the very early morning and late evening. The water temperatures are around 84-86 degrees and the fish have been finicky midday.
Busy catching fish! (6/19/2006)
[Apalachicola,FL] Tarpon catches and sightings are starting to increase we expect the numbers to continue to increase with the warmer waters.
Fishing On Apalachicola Bay (4/26/2006)
[Apalachicola,FL] I was so excited when my mom told me that we were going to go on a fishing trip while we were at the beach during Spring Break!
April Means Fishing! (4/08/2006)
[Apalachicola,FL] We have been offshore fishing several times in the past month and in general the fishing has been excellent in action, but hard to get away from the red snapper.
It's getting fishy around here... (3/03/2006)
[Apalachicola,FL] If February’s fishing is an indication of the fishing to come, man we are all in for a treat. There were several days last month we went out and caught good fish which included speckled trout, redfish, sheepshead and black drum.