Fishing Reports by Captain Tom Loe

About The Author:

Company: Sierra Drifters Guide Service

Area Reporting: Eastern Sierras - Lower Owens River

Bio: Tom Loe grew up in Thousand Oaks Ca. and married his high school sweetheart Michele after attending Moorpark Jr. College.

The next 20 years Tom spent harpooning broadbill swordfish as the owner/operator of offshore commercial fishing vessels on both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. He is currently a licensed Coast Guard captain and year round fly-fishing guide residing full time with Michele on McGee Creek overlooking Crowley Lake in the Eastern Sierra. Tom has had a maniacal fascination with trout his entire life. He began tying flies at 12 years to assist him in financial support of his addiction to fishing. The truant officers had no problems locating Tom if he turned up absent at school, find trout, you found Tom!

During extended periods his sword boats would be tied up in port Tom would spend large blocks of time fishing the Eastern Sierra developing and perfecting unique methods of fly-fishing for trout in the area. Tom pioneered guided drift boat trips down the Lower Owens River and the “dip and strip technique” in 1998 after selling the swordfish boat “Bandido” that same year. Sierra Drifters Guide Service was founded and has been in operation since 1998 and to date has assisted thousands of fly-fishers in pursuit of trout in the Eastern Sierra.

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Early Summer 2008 Fish'n Conditions (7/04/2008)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] Run-off from snowmelt has been low to moderate this year. The snow level is high, so it has not caused any significant flooding or horrible conditions in many of the freestone creeks that are influenced directly by this run-off.
Low Numbers Of Fish Spotted On Big Springs (2/23/2007)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] I scouted the areas recently and was a little dismayed at the low numbers of fish spotted on Big Springs and the Upper Owens River. Hot Creek was a different story in some locations, the East Walkers “trickle” flows are a crime in my opinion and I will not fish here with the current releases (22cfs).
Pleasant Valley Reservoir Fishing Is Good (1/28/2007)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] Tom Loe is on the road again and will be visiting Buz’s Fly Shop Too in Bakersfield on Saturday February 24th 2007 for their “Grand Opening” at the new location. Loe will be doing a Power Point presentation on fishing the waters of the Eastern Sierra as well as some major BS-ing with all in attendance.
Owens River Flow Update (1/14/2007)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] So much for low and consistent flows. The LADWP has once again astonished us all with their YO-YO methods of water management. Flows have been increased to 350cfs and will remain here for most of the week, and then we are told (uh-huh) that they will go back down to 100 cfs.
San Diego Fly Fishers Meeting (1/08/2007)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] Sierra Drifters guide Tom Loe will be heading down to So-Cal to visit with his great friends at the San Diego Fly Fishers meeting on the evening of February 5th 2007.
Lower Owens River Flow Update (12/29/2006)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] After many months of flushing flows the river is finally beginning to recede. The LADWP reports that the flows will stabilize at 150 cfs below Pleasant Valley Reservoir after this weekend. Give it a few days for the fish to reposition and adapt.
Eastern High Sierra Fishing Report (12/20/2006)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] Howdy friends and Sierra Drifters. Best fishes and holiday cheers to all of you for this X-mas 2006 fish report from the Eastern High Sierra. We would like to extend a sincere thanks to you all for your support last season. Have a happy and prosperous New Year.
Eastern Sierra Freshwater Fishing Report (11/22/2006)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] Howdy friends and Sierra Drifters. Best fishes to all for this Turkey Day 2006 fish report from the Eastern High Sierra.
Eastern Sierra Trout Season Fishing (11/06/2006)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] The East Walker River and Bridgeport Reservoir are arguable the candidates for the most improved fisheries in this area. Combined with plentiful water and a successful, aggressive trout enhancement program initiated by local businessman and concerned fisherman these fisheries took center stage for the first time in many years.
Very Good Fishing In San Joaquin River (8/30/2006)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] Howdy friends and Sierra Drifters. Best fishes to all for this Labor Day 2006 fish report from the Eastern High Sierra.
Crowley Lake Fishing (8/27/2006)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] The “epic” fly fishing has ended for the time being but you may still encounter some fantastic days on Crowley as the conditions remain excellent and the stage is set for the mother of all falls on this premier stillwater
Bridgeport Reservoir Excellent Fishing (7/23/2006)
[Eastern Sierra,CA] The overall fishing has been very good to excellent in most areas with the only exceptions being the larger tailwaters.