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Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica 2016 October Fishing Report by Todd Staley (10/12/2016)
[Osa Peninsula,CP] November will mark the beginning of our 18th season and this is the time of year when the place is zooming with excitement and craziness. Excitement because the ocean is coming into its annual run of dorado and marlin. Craziness, getting ready with crews returning, equipment preparation and such...
May 2016 Inshore and Offshore Action - Crocodile Bay Resort by Todd Staley (6/01/2016)
[Osa Peninsula,CP] In the coming months offshore fishing in the South means marlin. Most of the year we usually see blue marlin but now and then there are a few blacks and striped marlin mixed in with the blues. Find the spinner or spotted dolphins and you will find the yellowfin tuna.
Tarpon caught in Quepos / Manuel Antonio Costa Rica area by Mark Janzen (1/31/2015)
[Quepos,CP] What an amazing treat for the lucky anglers fishing January 27 2015 just south of Quepos, they were fishing for Snook near one of the river mouths just south of Quepos / Manuel Antonio when they got the shock of a lifetime.
Fantastic Dorado fishing by Mark Janzen (12/26/2014)
[Quepos,CP] What a Dorado bite we have had here in Quepos / Manuel Antonio area for November and December 2014.
Costa Rica Bill Fishing Report by Randy Nordberg (10/14/2014)
[Los Sueños,CP] Green Season Fishing Report This years Green Season has kept a steady flow of bill fish along the central pacific coast of Costa Rica. This October so far we have seen plenty Sail Fish and Marlin offshore and inshore the bite has been consistent with Rooster Fish and Red Snapper.
January 2014 Costa Rica Fishing Report by Mark Janzen (2/04/2014)
[Quepos,CP] Fishing reports for the month of January were some of the best we have ever seen here in Quepos and Los Sueños
Costa Rica Fishing report for November by Mark Janzen (12/07/2013)
[Quepos,CP] Fishing reports for the month of November here in Costa Rica have been nothing short of Spectacular. With some half a dozen Grand Slams to top off the month the Marlin, Sailfish and Dorado have been putting on a show for fishermen who were able to make it down to fish Costa Rica.
October Costa Rica Report by Mark Janzen (11/20/2013)
[Quepos,CP] What a month we had here in Costa Rica in October
August 2013, what a month by Mark Janzen (9/05/2013)
[Quepos,CP] August 2013 Fishing report from Costa Rica was full of Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna and Sailfish it was a crazy month of fishing here out of Costa Rica. We are talking not only great numbers of fish but also good size fish as well over a range of species in-shore and offshore.
Central Pacific Fishing by Randy Nordberg (9/04/2013)
[Los Sueños,CP] Central pacific fishing destination Los Sueños Costa Rica has become quite popular. Los Sueños is a Fishing and Golf Resort. The season is approaching for the game fish, and we are already starting to see impressive amounts of bill fish this early on.
FISHING IN PARADISE by Fradian Mendez Garcia (4/23/2013)
[Gulf of Papagayo,CP] Costa Rica fishing Seasons is getting better, you would have dinner and ceviche on the table!!
Papagayo Sport Fishing from Four Seasons Resort by Fradian Mendez Garcia (4/23/2013)
[Gulf of Papagayo,CP] Full fishing day in the Gulf of Papagayo on feb 28
March 21 2013 Quepos, Costa Rica by Mark Janzen (3/29/2013)
[Quepos,CP] What an amazing day on the water with some new friends.
What a way to finish off a tournament by Mark Janzen (2/14/2013)
[Quepos,CP] What a tournament we were having and going 14 for 16 on Sailfish the last day was an amazing job for us.
Quepos, Costa Rica by Mark Janzen (1/21/2013)
[Quepos,CP] The fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica has been beyond what we would expect of it
Kingpin has solid November by Lee Keidel (11/27/2011)
[Playa Tamarindo,CP] Sails, Marlin, and Dorado (Mahi) provide solid action aboard the Kingpin and other Tamarindo based boats
Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica FISHING REPORT SEASON OPENER 2011-2012! by Todd Staley (11/21/2011)
[Osa Peninsula,CP] Crocodile Bay kicked off it's season on November first and anglers were delighted with the variety of inshore and offshore big game fish. We were joined by anglers from Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, England, USA and more!
Sails are here, Tuna too by Lee Keidel (11/08/2011)
[Playa Tamarindo,CP] Great Fishing light winds Kickoff 2011-2012 Season Good Times aboard the Kingpin
Quepos Fishing Report Costa Rica October 2011 by Leanne Batten (10/20/2011)
[Quepos,CP] Green Season Anglers delighted with Great fishing and low prices. Great Marlin, Sailfish and Yellowfin Tuna Reports. October Rains ending and the Summer Season begins in November
Papagayo Fishing for Roosterfish by Guiselle Mendez (10/13/2011)
[Gulf of Papagayo,CP] Guanacaste fishing charters for roosterfish, sailfish and marlin, yellowfin tuna as well as inshore species like red snapper, wahoo and others.
Kingpin has great August Action! by Lee Keidel (9/01/2011)
[Playa Tamarindo,CP] Billfish, Tuna, Grouper and More!!! Grat action!
Crocodile Bay Costa Rica August 2011 Fishing Report by Todd Staley (8/25/2011)
[Osa Peninsula,CP] Costa Rica Fishing Report, August 2011 Crocodile Bay Resort - Humpback whales and hot inshore fishing set the pace this August in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula. Read the full report by Todd Staley!
Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica Fishing Report July 2011 by Todd Staley (7/30/2011)
[Osa Peninsula,CP] Possible Tarpon Hatchery Discovered on Costa Rica's Pacific Coast. Inshore action heats up!
Near-shore Action Still on Point by Lee Keidel (7/26/2011)
[Playa Tamarindo,CP] Offshore has been up and down, but near shore has provided good action!
Aboard the Sunny One out of Los Sueños Marina by Randy Nordberg (6/16/2011)
[Playa Herradura,CP] Weekly report from the Sunny One, a 32' Maverick sport fishing boat
Aboard the Sunny One in Costa Rica by Randy Nordberg (6/10/2011)
[Playa Herradura,CP] Offshore fishing report from Los Suenos, Costa Rica
Offshore sportfishing from Flamingo Beach 13/05/11 by Fradian Mendez Garcia (5/15/2011)
[Gulf of Papagayo,CP] Fishing report from Papagayo Fishing Charters, please check our Recents fishing reports at
Spectacular April Quepos Fishing Reports for 2011 by Leanne Batten (4/25/2011)
[Quepos,CP] The fishing here in Quepos, Los Suenos and further North in Tamarindo has been fantastic for Anglers fishing in April 2011
Crocodile Bay Hosts 30th Annual International Sailfish Tournament by Todd Staley (4/07/2011)
[Osa Peninsula,CP] In four days of fishing the group of 10 boats raised over 300 billfish and landed a total of 150 billfish including several blue marlins which is amazing because all anglers were required to fish 20 lb test line and had a maximum of 30 minutes to land a fish.
Aboard the Sunny One out of Los Sueños, Costa Rica by Randy Nordberg (4/05/2011)
[Playa Herradura,CP] Goooooooooooooood fishing Costa Rica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well back at you as promised. This week we had a mini competition. Several anglers joined us from Seattle WA It was promoted by a local fishing program from there. Several yachts were involved over the 3 day comp.And my info gives the Spanish Fly 1st place and Sunny One a close 2nd.
Quepos Fishing Report Delightful Double Digits Daily by Leanne Batten (3/22/2011)
[Quepos,CP] Fishing Costa Rica and Specifically Quepos Costa Rica can be an outstanding experience. Fishing Reports here in the Double Digits Daily keeping Anglers on their toes.
Crocodile Bay Costa Rica Fishing Report March 2011 by Todd Staley (3/21/2011)
[Osa Peninsula,CP] Todd Staley talks about the effects of the full moon and the recent Tsunami on Costa Rica's sport fishing industry.
OFF SHORE SPORTFISHING 14/03/2011 by Fradian Mendez Garcia (3/17/2011)
[Gulf of Papagayo,CP] a 250 lbs MARLIN released aboard of the TUNA FISH, on the GULF OF PAPAGAYO. come and get your best fishing and catch your MARLIN.
GULF PAPGAYO FISHING 08/03/11 by Fradian Mendez Garcia (3/09/2011)
[Gulf of Papagayo,CP] Great fishing are coming back, the seasons starting, its time to catch fish.
PAPAGAYO FULL FISHING DAY 08/03/11 by Fradian Mendez Garcia (3/08/2011)
Quepos Fishing Report February 2011 by Leanne Batten (2/19/2011)
[Quepos,CP] Quepos Fishing Report with Quepos Sailfishing Charters, has been a mixture of offshore reports with average of 3-5 Sails being released.
Mar 1 Sportfishing reports by Mark Janzen (2/17/2011)
[Quepos,CP] Another Fabulous day on the water, here in Quepos, and today we managed to be a part of a surprise Birthday present and were they rewarded with some amazing fish. Now this is a story worth telling
Papagayo Fishing Report by Fradian Mendez Garcia (2/16/2011)
[Gulf of Papagayo,CP] This is one of our clients testimonials about papagayo fishing charters, aboard TUNA FISH boat
Quepos Fishing Report February 2011 by Leanne Batten (2/11/2011)
[Quepos,CP] Quepos Fishing in awe at the outstanding reports for Quepos Fishing Charter clients. Join us today for the Catch of a Lifetime!
Quepos Fishing Report by Mark Janzen (2/05/2011)
[Quepos,CP] What a great day on the water, being 100% on hook ups always makes the day go quick that’s for sure. The fish count for the day was 3 for 3 on Sailfish and 2 for 2 on Mahi-Mahi. With the moon the cycle it is in we knew we could get the fish to the boat, Bertrams raise fish and when your crew follows up with a 100% hook up rate!!!....
Crocodile Bay Costa Rica Fishing Report, February 2011 by Todd Staley (2/04/2011)
[Osa Peninsula,CP] Sailfish continue to show up daily in double digit numbers. Inshore fishing productive as well.
Quepos Fishing Reports January 2011 by Leanne Batten (1/15/2011)
[Quepos,CP] Quepos Fishing Reports remain great with Offshore anglers fishing with Quepos Sailfishing Charters having a Very Happy New Year. Inshore bite for Roosterfish has been terrific as well
Costa Rica Fishing January Report - Crocodile Bay Resort by Todd Staley (1/13/2011)
[Osa Peninsula,CP] January has continued to delight anglers with Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Tuna as well as a variety of inshore species.
Quepos Fishing Report January 2011 by Mark Janzen (1/13/2011)
[Quepos,CP] This was a day that will stay in the memories of the Captain, mate and clients for years.
Quepos Fishing Report by Leanne Batten (1/09/2011)
[Quepos,CP] January 2011 Quepos Fishing Reports of delighted anglers with Quepos Sailfishing Charters
December Fishing Report by Todd Staley (12/14/2010)
[Osa Peninsula,CP] Fishing heats up in December at Costa Rica's famous Crocodile Bay Resort. Marlin, Tuna and Sailfish all making a strong showing.
Quepos Fishing Report, Quepos Costa Rica November 2010 by Leanne Batten (11/16/2010)
[Quepos,CP] Marlin in the Reports for Quepos Fishing Report for anglers fishing with
Quepos Fishing Report Quepos Costa Rica 2010 by Leanne Batten (11/07/2010)
[Quepos,CP] Quepos Fishing Report is Shining Bright in the Sunshine over the Pacific here in Quepos Costa Rica. With the final subsiding of rains which we experienced here for 5 days, fishing here is back in the news.
Quepos Fishing Reports by Leanne Batten (9/28/2010)
[Quepos,CP] Quepos Fishing Report for Quepos Costa Rica September 2010 has stayed really good for the rainy season with the weather being consistently nice for anglers with most heavy rain in the afternoon and evening.
Rainy Season Fishing by Lee Keidel (8/27/2010)
[Playa Tamarindo,CP] August fishing provides good action aboard the Kingpin: Snapper, Grouper, Sails, and Dorado provide most of the action
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