Delacroix Report: - catching speckled trout!

2009-07-11 00:12:58
Delacroix, Louisiana - Saltwater Fishing Report
Delacroix marsh

Late cancellation last night so the wife and the kids got the nod this morning. Hit the water at 9 AM for a quick trip. First spot on the inside yielded both kids first fish. Son is 4 and daughter is 3 years old. Speckled trout 16 - 20". Easy fishing and lots of action with live shrimp 2' under corks. Those short kids snoopy poles work great! The wife was catching her share to keep the guide busy too. The action was solid, but the 3 year old got too hot so we enjoyed an artificial breeze at 40 mph for a while. Hit another spot and found hungry fish again. More solid trout 14-17". No throwbacks all morning. Well, the temperature rises as soon as you shut down the boat and the daughter and the wife were hot again. Took a pole of the boat, boys wanted to stay, girls wanted to go. Majority rules, so we were off the water before noon. We did not limit, but given a little more time, it would have happened and that was not the purpose of this trip. Great day on the water with my family! The fishing action is outstanding both inside and outside. Good luck out there this weekend!

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat

Fin and Feather Guide Service


Fish Species: Speckled trout
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Sam - 4 years old with first fish
Sam - 4 years old with first fish

Family fishing day in Delacroix, LA.
Family fishing day in Delacroix, LA.

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