Delacroix Report - The trout really fed this morinig.

2009-08-15 22:13:31
Delacroix, Louisiana - Saltwater Fishing Report
Breton Sound

Had to run through a light rain this morning as we headed outside early. I hate getting wet on the ride out fishing. It was a good trout catch this AM though. Wer hit a close in Black Bay reef very early this morning. I set up half the group on live shrimp carolina rigged and the other half on artificial cocahoes. After the sun came up and you could see, I switched the shrimp group under short corks and then back to the carolina. The trout were hitting the shallow bait, but the hookup ratio was poor - should have switched to treble hooks. Both groups rod were bending with trout in the 14-22" class. The school had alot of 15" males to go with the 3 lb sows. It was fast and furious for a while and then it would slow, but pick up again. I guess the school was swimming circles around the reef. The live bait group was a little hampered from their festivities the night before and fished admirablty, but the artificial group was the clear winner. Alot of rain cells around us, but we did not get wet again. Hit a couple of redfish holes on the ride back to the slip. Picked up a rat red, but were really bidding our time as a big rain cell was soaking Delacroix. The cell moved off and we hit the dock to clean up. It looks like we may see some effects of a tropical system over the next few days. I stowed everything pretty tight at the slip just in case things turn sour with the weather. There may be a window in the morning, but significant chances of big bands of rain hitting the area are forecast. Good luck out there.

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat

Fin and Feather Guide Service


Fish Species: Speckled trout, redfish
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Area Reporting: Delacroix , Venice, and Hopedale LA

Bio: Captain Jeff J. Dauzat, is USCG licensed and insured and has been working these waters since 1988. Captain Dauzat has a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Louisiana Tech University and an M.S. in Industrial Hygiene from Tulane University.

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