Delacroix Report:

2010-04-23 20:28:27
Delacroix, Louisiana - Saltwater Fishing Report
Delacroix marsh

The Delacroix marsh yielded fish yesterday. The morning started out with little wind and we ventured into an interior lake that was hot on Tuesday. The spot did not dissapoint as my guests caught fish on two out of the first three casts. It was looking good as trout, redfish and flounder started getting cold in the fish box. Then they started flying around, landing on us and then sucking blood - gnats! Man those things are the scourge of the earth. The gnat bite was too much to bear and we had to leave the fish bite to get 50 mph relief. After a short run, we settled into a bend of an interior bayou to find that the wind had picked up slightly and sent the gnats packing back to the marsh grass. Welcome relief! The tide was diminishing quick and we only picked up one trout before the slack. We then headed out to try and catch the rising tide. We hit a flat adjacent to a deep river. The tide was just starting to spill onto the flat from the river. The spot did not have much time to make up and we only caught a few trout and reds. We hit a few move points on the way out to the exterior bays. The wind really picked up out of the South and started the dirty the waters. We would pick up a few at each stop, but never could get a sustained bite going. This ended up being the theme for the day as we caught enough fish to make a respectible box, but never really got them going good. The fish were of exceptional quality though. The trout were in the 17-19" class with very few throwbacks. The reds were perfect slot size and the flounder approached doormat status. The artificial was the best again today. The hot bait was a cocahoe in smoke color on a 3/8 ounce jighead. The water temperature was 78 degrees when we left our last spot. Things are looking better and the area is poised to break loose at any time. The trout had eggs that appear to be a couple of weeks from ripening. This weekend does not look good with strong storms on Saturday and strong winds on Sunday. Good luck and be safe out there!

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat

Fin and Feather Guide Service


Fish Species: speckled trout, redfish, flounder
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About The Author: Captain Jeff Dauzat

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Area Reporting: Delacroix , Venice, and Hopedale LA

Bio: Captain Jeff J. Dauzat, is USCG licensed and insured and has been working these waters since 1988. Captain Dauzat has a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Louisiana Tech University and an M.S. in Industrial Hygiene from Tulane University.

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