Fish Monger Mon Striper Reboud Bass to 46lbs

2009-06-30 02:51:32
Point Pleasant, New Jersey - Saltwater Fishing Report
Atlantic ocean

Had Justin and Don Back today as they are both on vacation and booked two Days this week along with Phil Sr and Phil Jr... Other two had to opt out.... 4 man crew today...With the Clunker yesterday had to get them on some Bass... didnt want to have them have two in a row...

Headed Out calm seas and west wind... stopped on the first bunker we seen and put some in the livewell.... Bait was very skiddish every where we seen em.

Tried live lining in the bait... No takers....

Headed out to deeper water found a spot with some good marks and scattered bait... Phil Sr. started us of with a nice fish 35lbs... Phil Jr.followed with the same 33lbs ... Missed a couple on that drift too...

Went back for another drift and Justin Landed His personal Best over 30 lbs... I felt a lot better missed a couple more...

Back for another but the fleet was now here ...We had 4 Bites and landed Boxed two more then Boats running over and tangling with our line....

Got a call from Ny Peeps... same pick type bite with No fleet in another area... THANKS if you read this!!!

Headed over and set u up Phil sr Boxed another.

Then Justin Pitched out his Bunker as soon as it hit the water it got exploded by a Monster... After a good battle we boated it was 49 in long and weighed 46lbs!!! Redemption for Him and a new Personal best, 2nd in 1 day...

Don got to wear da wig Today

The 4 man Crew boxed 7 fish out 13 Bites... fished ranged from 26 - 46 lbs.

Nice Improvement from yesterday.

Thanks Guys

Fish Species: stripers
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Water Depth:
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