Gambler tile trip

2007-04-04 09:37:05
Point Pleasant, New Jersey - Saltwater Fishing Report
90 miles offshore at the Hudson canyon.

The Gambler made a deep water tile trip this past Saturday. We had 24 fishermen aboard. We hit the west wall of the Hudson Canyon.

The weather was perfect for drifting. Using braided line, our anglers held the bottom with 20 ounces. Out of our 24 anglers, 6 had electric reels. Electric reels are a nice tool when fishing deep water.

Our first drop produced only dog fish. I ran 10 miles to the SE and stopped over my favorite tile grounds. We were soon pulling tiles. At times, we had 3 on at once. The fish ranged from 3 to 10 lbs. A few were 12 to 15 lbs.

Eventually, the drift became too fast, so we anchored in 500 ft. By dropping back a hundred feet every half-hour or so, we managed to catch some more. Very few dog fish (luckily).

Most everyone had 3 to 5 tile fish to take home. High hook had 8.

Thru April, the Gambler will be making special blackfish trips, Thursdays and Saturdays only. We will be working the wrecks 15 to 35 miles South of our inlet, in search of big taug. The 10 hr trip leaves at 7:00 AM and returns by 5:00 PM. If you like taug fishing --you've gotta try a trip with us. Call 732-295-7569

Fish Species: Tile fish
Bait Used: squid
Tackle Used: bottom rigs, 4/0 hooks, braided line,
Method Used: drifting the edge of the canyon wall
Water Depth: 500 ft
Water Temperature: 46F
Wind Direction: North
Wind Speed: 10 to 20
Denis with a 14.5 lb tilefish
Denis with a 14.5 lb tilefish

Russ with a 15.5 lb tile fish
Russ with a 15.5 lb tile fish

About The Author: Captain Robert Bogan

Company: Gambler

Area Reporting: Pt. Pleasnt

Bio: Brand New, 90 ft Gambler. 3000 HP provided by 4 MTU engines. Top speed 30 knots. Closest boat to the ocean --no bridges. Family owned and operated business for 3 generations. Frendliest crew. Most knowagable captains.

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