Guntersville Lake Alabama' s Best Big, Bass Impoundment

2010-03-14 18:57:23
Guntersville Lake, Alabama - Freshwater Fishing Report
mid to lower main lake and creeks
Reed Montgomery

Guntersville Lake

By Reed Montgomery

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"Over 40 Years Guiding for Bass Only on Guntersville Lake"

Warming trends of mid-to-upper 60's continue throughout north Alabama. These help influence Guntersville Lake's Big Bass movement towards the lake's shallow spawning grounds.

For now, "eating" is all thats on their minds.

Buldging with this year's roe, each and every female bass is now triggered to feed and fatten up prior to moving very shallow (around early next month), towards a newly prepared bed.

Some early season bass may bed even sooner.

Meanwhile there are those hundreds of 1-3 pound male bass that will soon emerge and begin their annual trek towards the lake's weedy shallows as well. Preparing beds and hitting every lure that gets in their way.


As these, (both male and female) bass begin to make their annual spring run shallow they all take specific travel routes that are found all throughout massive, Guntersville Lake...Alabama's biggest, man made reservoir.

Old underwater road beds, along ledges, drop-offs, creek channels, ditches and old streams, are all places leading into the lake's weedy spawning grounds and are all great stop off spots for these largemouth bass.

With some research, for some skilled angler to discover as well!

Thats why lures like lipless lures, swim baits, both floating and suspending jerk baits, spinnerbaits and shallow running crankbaits (just to name a few lures in this mid-water catagory), are all such good lure selections right now.

Especially this week, when water temperatures are currently in the mid-to-upper 50's for mid-March.

New growing aquatic weeds such as Eurasian millfoil, hydrilla weeds and moss, are homes to prespawn bass on Guntersville Lake. It can grow on high spots, often found far from the lake's shoreline, as well.

A road bed can only be a few feet deep on the top and can be covered with these early season weeds. And it provides a quick escape route for these bass.

Road beds, underwater gravel bars, ridges, and sand bars all usually have some deep water to be found along both sides.

A quick escape route for these big, and often very skittish, prespawn bass. And an ideal place to find numbers of "big bass" bunched up this time of year too!

Make plans to fish Guntersville Lake this spring!

Come see how to fool Guntersville lake's big largemouth bass this spring and summer seasons. Always call on Reeds Guide Service...first!

I have some days open each week right now all throughout the spring season. I live about 60 miles from Guntersville Lake in Birmingham, and charge a little bit more than some guides that live on the lake. Due to gas and oil expense.

But a day on the lake with Reed Montgomery of Reeds Guide Service, the lake's oldest professional guide service, is worth a little more...

Thanks, be safe and courteous to other boaters and anglers on our very crowded lakes this spring and upcoming summer season.

Good Fishin'

Reed Montgomery

Fish Species: Largemouth Bass
Bait Used: none
Tackle Used: Mentioned in Report
Method Used: Slow on most lures
Water Depth: 1-4 feet
Water Temperature: Mid 50's
Wind Direction: Southerly
Wind Speed: 5-10 m.p.h.
A Berkley Swim Bait fooled this Guntersville lake bass!
A Berkley Swim Bait fooled this Guntersville lake bass!

Reed Montgomery

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