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Browse Recent Hopedale Louisiana Fishing Reports

Speck Time!!!! by Sal Fontana (6/13/2014)
Hopedale is on FIRE!!! Specks and redfish everywhere. limits are coming to the docks daily as well as memories to last a lifetime. Give us a call today and make you own memories!!
TROUT TIME IN HOPEDALE by Gene Dugas (5/23/2014)
THE trout have finally arrived in numbers summer is here
OPEN DATES by Sal Fontana (4/29/2014)
Daily limits have been a treat for our customers for the past month. Even with slack tides and high winds Capt. Sal manages to surprise his customers.
Redfish Limits Again by Sal Fontana (4/24/2014)
The action is super in Hopedale Louisiana. Your adventure is waiting so Call today to secure your date for a day of action.
great day in Hopedale, La by Sal Fontana (4/04/2014)
fishing in Hopedale, La is on fire. Bull REDS!!!! and Black Drum are stacked on the edges of the Bays and Marsh.
late weekend report 3/22 & 3/23 by Sal Fontana (3/25/2014)
great weekend from Louisiana. Reds and Black drum on fire.
Late Reports from Hopedale by Sal Fontana (3/20/2014)
Louisiana Redfish and Black Drum on FIRE!!!!!
Blast and Cast by Gene Dugas (12/21/2013)
Blast and Castt this past week ducks in the morning and fishing in the afternoon.
REDFISH LIMITS BY 8:30 by Sal Fontana (7/23/2013)
Louisiana fishing is on FIRE!!!!! come and enjoy some of the best fishing on the Gulf Coast, Louisiana Style
REDFISH, REDFISH, REDFISH!!!!!!! by Sal Fontana (7/23/2013)
Redfish limits by 8:30 a.m. come and enjoy some of Hopedale, Louisiana's redfish action......
tough Day in the Bay by Sal Fontana (7/23/2013)
Despite tough conditions in Black Bay the redfish and drum are on fire!!!!
Late Report from Hopedale, Louisiana by Sal Fontana (7/23/2013)
Windy and rough day in the Bay, but the redfish are on fire in the Marsh!!
REDFISH LIMIT'S by 10:30 by Sal Fontana (7/15/2013)
Second day in a row that Sal Fontana Jr. limited out before 11:00 a.m. A trip of a lifetime for the youngsters!!
REDFISH LIMIT'S by Sal Fontana (7/14/2013)
Straight to the Marsh and Limited out on REDFISH by 10:00
Another HOT day in Hopedale by Sal Fontana (7/13/2013)
REDS and TROUT day after day. book a trip and come get some for yourself.
Hopedale Trout Slam!!!! by Sal Fontana (7/12/2013)
The fishing is HOT in Hopedale and only getting better.
Tough day in the Bay by Sal Fontana (7/11/2013)
Despite BAD weather in the Bay my group managed to put together a great box of Fish
Hot WET weekend in Black Bay by Sal Fontana (7/09/2013)
Fishing is heating up in Hopedale, Black Bay. I have a few days open over the next 2 weeks, so call and book your trip today!
Long WET weekend in Black Bay by Sal Fontana (7/09/2013)
Fishing is heating up in Hopedale marsh and Black Bay. I have a few days open over the next 2 weeks, so call and book your trip today!
Early May fishing report by Gene Dugas (5/10/2013)
When the weather cooperates so do the trout.
PITTMAN CONSTRUCTION by Kerry Audibert, Jr. (5/04/2013)
We are currently booking for the upcoming 2013 BIG TROUT run, which you are definitely not going to want to miss!!! Remember that moon dates/weekends book up first….so don’t procrastinate getting your date secured. Come see why we have such a repeat clientele and keep our groups coming back! For reservations call, 504-259-5034 or feel free to email Check out our website @ or
Spring Run is On by Gene Dugas (5/01/2013)
The speckled trout and redfsiah are now in fuul swing
Late report Friday 2-15-13 by Gene Dugas (2/18/2013)
Finally got some decent weather and got on some nice specks
Blast and Cast November by Gene Dugas (11/22/2012)
Great to be in louisiana hunting ducks and catching fish GOD'S Country.
Fall Fishing by Gene Dugas (11/06/2012)
The fall fishing is in and the duck hunting is about to start Louisiana the Sportsman Paradise
Cold front Trout by Gene Dugas (10/08/2012)
Cold front blew in and droped the temps a good bit and turned on the trout
Great Day on the water by Gene Dugas (10/06/2012)
Got on the trout today for this crew from Georgia
BACK AT IT! by Gene Dugas (9/18/2012)
back fishing again a little storm can't keep us down for long
Bad Weather Good Trip by Gene Dugas (7/21/2012)
Made the best out of some bad rainy windy wether and put togethera box of fish
Speckled Trout Bonanza by Gene Dugas (7/17/2012)
The trout fishing has gone crazy the last week in Hopedale LA. Early limits are the norm
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