How to Catch a Black Drum!

2008-09-21 09:07:07
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September 22, 2008

Happy Fish Day!

Saltwater inshore, offshore, blue water fishing report, Freshies Suggestions, and 'Little Miss Judy's story! Thanks for reading! Captain Judy

How to Catch a Black Drum!

(When you want too!')

September 17, 2008 Fish Day to Remember!

Black Drum Fishing

I can't tell you how long it has been since I have been black drum fishing inshore. I do catch them quite a bit while winter sheepshead fishing. However, Captain Jack McGowan of Miss Judy Charter went several times this past week and had bonus catching days!

Black drum is one of those fish that we fishermen refer to as a 'By Catch!' This means you are most likely going to catch them while fishing for something else. According to Capt Jack McGowan the rivers and sounds are full of black drum averaging from 1 to 3 pounds. He has been catching them while using dead shrimp on Carolina rigs and jigs laced with shrimp. The best places to fish are around structure such as wood or rocks and grass lines around water covered oysters rakes.

As I was writing this report, in came Captain Jack off the water with even a better one. This time I saw the fish first hand. I can report that there were more 3 to 5 pound fish than 1-pound black drum caught on this particular fish day. Lets get this out of the way' 'Black drum can no longer be considered a by-catch fish!'

Captain Jack along with his crew Mr. John Fader Sr as well as junior, and Gary Phillips were quite happy with their catch. This was one of those fish catching days where when you said, 'cooler was full' it definitely was. According to Captain Jack, they anchored, the fish bite was on, and customers caught lots of fish. I think you get my point the pictures of these fish were posted on my website under 'photos.' Click on inshore button and look for Captain Jack's section.

Here's how black drum catch happened!

While plain old bottom fishing Captain Jack McGowan and the Fader Charter had a great day of catching yesterday. With the northeast wind hampering where he could fish the catching still prevailed. He fished Warsaw Sound and a few rivers spots having the least amount of wind-age catching some of the prettiest red fish, spotted sea trout, and black drum that I have seen in a while. The bite was light while using live and fresh dead shrimp. The secret to hooking up was on the fish's second take you needed to lightly set the hook! In other words 'give them time to eat!'

As I interviewed one of the fishermen I asked, 'what advice did Captain Jack give you?' He laughed and said, 'After losing quite a few real nice fish, Captain Jack suggested slowing down our setting of the hook!' As we talked, 'Captain Jack then suggested going with a light set, but only after the second or third consecutive hit.' As I listened 'reel setting' came to mind. This is where once you get a hit, you don't set, you just start to reel leaving the rod in the same position, and the fish is then hooked up. The best times to consider this type of 'set procedure' is when the fish bite is light meaning you are not really sure if the fish has really picked it up or not. .

Here's an explanation for suggestions made!

Black Drum Reasoning!

On this particular fish day, September 17, 2008 we had as strong cold front approaching. My father used to always say and now so do I that when this weather happens 'the fish bite is fast!' However, if you want a catch there is a catch to consider. My father used to call the bite received 'sore mouth!' The reason being is that when a cold front is approaching fish are hungry, but they get what could be called a 'sinus headache.' This so-called headache causes them 'sore mouth.' I'm getting there to what I want to say, trust me. When a fish is experiencing this condition when trying to eat they do it slow, because it hurts. The reason being is that when they bite down they feel uncomfortable pressure. So therefore the big desire to eat is definitely on during this time, but it's a very light bite. The reason being is that it takes the fish longer to eat through the pain received.

For those of you that want some fun inshore fish catching, now is the time to give it a try. Your boat or mine will be fine!

Thanks for Reading!

Captain Judy

'Story Teller of all times, even if it's only in my mind!'

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