Montauk Sportfishing Report 8/15/11

2011-08-15 09:34:28
Montauk, New York - Saltwater Fishing Report


Up until ten years or so ago, if you booked an offshore trip in August, it would have been assumed that you

would be fishing of tuna. But then the tuna started moving further off shore, and a serious charter for tuna

would have to be an extended day, leaving early and coming home late, with a minimum of forty miles of

running to get to the fish. The last two years there were very few yellowfins as close as forty miles, and for a

realistic shot, you had to go to the Edge, and beyond.

However, now there are fish scattered around the forty fathom area, about thirty miles or so from the Point.

In addition to the yellowfins, there are some small bluefins, white marlin, wahoo and mahi. There is no

particular hotspot, but fish can be found anywhere between 43650 and 43550. No big fish, with most between

twenty and thirty pounds or so. The wahoo though have been nice sized fish up to around eighty pounds.

The fishing was pretty good during the week, with just about every boat that went out there catching

something, but based on radio chatter, it did slow down for the weekend, with maybe one boat in three catching.

Curiously, the fishing has slowed down out on the Edge, with the only boats having much success being on

overnighters and hooking up very early or late in the day.

Hopefully this will continue.

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