More than Just a Fishing Trip

2010-04-01 13:51:08
Orange Beach, Alabama - Saltwater Fishing Report
About 20 miles off Orange Beach, Alabama in the Gulf of Mexico

More Than Just a Fishing Trip

Every day that we get to go fishing is a blessing given to us. The ability to get out and relax and enjoy our friends and the good weather along with some good fishing is priceless. I am pretty sure that we all will look back on these days and say what a great time we had back then, I'm glad we did that.

Yesterday we had a small group of people, almost not enough to go out. Thankfully we did and it was wonderful. The weather was perfect, the seas were calm and the fish are biting like crazy. Yesterday, we had a 6 hour trip with 14 people on a "Walk On" trip on our big boat the 65 foot Bonner, Emerald Spirit www.FishEmeraldSpirit.Com. The temperature outside was around 68 in the morning and moved up to around 72 during the day it seemed. We generally ride for about 1 hours out and fish for a little over two hours and then return to the dock after a full 6 hours. Even though it's still early in the season we did catch a couple of King Mackerels on our last trip down deep on a regular two hook rig for bottom fish. That means they are here but just not up in the water column around the surface yet because of the water temperature is still so cold. Even still we did put out our trolling lines on the way out and on the way in. No bites yet; any day now! As usual the bottom fish were biting great and we caught lots of Vermillion Snapper(Mingo's), White Snapper, Trigger Fish, Lane Snapper and even though they are still closed Red Snapper that we properly vent and release back. There are more Red Snapper out there than ever before and continue to get bigger and multiply tremendously. We expect a season like never before with huge Red Snappers on every trip in season.

We are going out on a two day trip this weekend and I'll have a first hand report to give you when I get back. Check back Monday to see what all we caught!


Capt. George Pfeiffer

Fish Species: Vermillion Snapper, Triggerfish, White Snapper, King Mackeral
Bait Used: Squid, Sardines
Method Used: Trolling and Bottom Fishing
Water Depth: 100-150 feet
Water Temperature: 68 degrees
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed: 5-10

About The Author: Captain George Pfeiffer

Company: Action Charter Service, Inc.

Area Reporting: Orange Beach, Alabama

Bio: 30 years experience fishing in the Gulf of Mexico from Panama City, Florida to Port Arthur, Texas. I have been building private artificial reefs for over 20 years in and around the Orange Beach, Alabama area and have plenty of hot fishing spots.

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