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Salmon Fishing Reports

Browse popular Salmon fishing reports by professional fishing guides.

Salmon Fishing Reports
    Great Start to 2012 Fishing Season by (2012-05-13 09:00:49)
    [Sheboygan] Well the 2012 fishing season is now underway. Big Chinook Salmon are already being caught off our shoreline. Nows the time to get fishing.
    Hot Fishing During the Smelt Run by (2012-05-10 10:36:54)
    [Moosehead Lake] Our party of seven boated and released over 50 fish on the morning of May 5th
    Great Spring Salmon Fishing by (2012-04-16 19:52:14)
    [Blackwater River] The Great Spring Fishing continues......! Despite the fact that there have not been many anglers out fishing and the water has been very low for much of the spring, we have had remarkable success.
    Big Plentiful Kings by (2012-04-13 22:14:34)
    [Niagra] Plentiful King Salmon this Early spring should make for an amazing year....
    Salmon Opening Day by (2012-04-07 21:41:33)
    [Half Moon Bay] 16 fish for 16 anglers. Weather could nothave been better. Good count inspite of large starting size limit.
    Vancouver, Canada Salmon Report by (2012-04-06 16:17:00)
    [Vancouver] Spring is here! April is when local waters come alive with anglers and salmon!
    Atlantic Salmon Reports Miramichi by (2012-04-04 22:29:25)
    [Miramichi River] Atlantic Salmon Season on the Miramichi looks good for another season
    King go April Fooled by (2012-04-03 12:49:20)
    [Port Lions] King Salmon caught on April Fools day. Very nice fish.
    Spring Salmon March Madness by (2012-03-31 10:47:22)
    [Prince Rupert] The salmon are starting to get aggressive in the Prince Rupert area. The April herring run is just around the corner which means lots of Salmon.
    LOOKING FORWARD TO 2012 by (2012-03-07 01:02:16)
    New Action Video with Large Chinook Salmon by (2012-01-19 02:13:29)
    [Ucluelet] This is an action packed video with some great scenic shots, whales and of course large Chinook salmon.
    Vancouver Salmon Fishing Report by (2012-01-16 23:37:46)
    [Vancouver] Winter chinook and crabbing season is now here. There has been decent numbers of chinook in the 4 to 18 pound range.
    Miramichi River Reports by (2012-01-12 23:09:27)
    [Miramichi River] Country Haven Miramichi would like to wish everyone a happy New Year
    STS Guiding Report for Jan 10, 2012 by (2012-01-10 15:25:53)
    [Vancouver] Good winter fishing available in Vancouver for Salmon and Fraser Valley for sturgeon and steelhead.
    STS Guiding weekly report by (2011-12-28 10:31:44)
    [Vancouver] Mild weather makes winter fishing very comfortable. Active fish means catch rates are good.
    Prince Rupert Winter Spring Fishing by (2011-12-04 08:54:12)
    [Prince Rupert] Dec 3rd produced 2 more silver bullets with three hit and miss bites.
    Nov 30 winter spring fest by (2011-12-01 12:14:51)
    [Prince Rupert] Prince Rupert winter salmon fishing is in full swing.
    Miramichi River Reports by (2011-11-28 11:26:04)
    [Miramichi River] The Fishing Season runs From Apeil the 15th to Oct the 15th on the Miramich one of the Best Atlantic Salmon rivers in the World
    Late Fall Salmon and Steelhead Fishing by (2011-11-23 15:04:50)
    [Northern California] Salmon fishing is getting better but The Wild Rainbow Trout and Steelhead fishing has been great.
    Vancouver, Canada Salmon Report by (2011-11-20 01:39:27)
    [Vancouver] Winter Chinook Salmon season is here! One of our favourite fisheries of the year.
    Northern BC Canada Fishing Report November 14/11 by (2011-11-16 02:27:13)
    [Terrace] Fall Coho Salmon Book Now For 2012!
    Great Salmon fishing this November! by (2011-11-05 15:36:54)
    [Fraser Valley] The Harrison river is crawling with fresh big Chum Salmon, often getting fish on every cast! all our recent trips have produced limits for our clients!
    Salmon River, Oswego River Fishing Report 10/15/11 by (2011-10-15 07:02:21)
    [Pulaski] Well in spite the low water we are having a season that you dream about. The fishing is nothing short of incredible.
    Northern BC CANADA Fishing by (2011-10-10 17:36:28)
    [Terrace] Northern BC CANADA Fishing
    Hot fishing near Vancouver BC in Fraser river valley! by (2011-10-10 17:22:57)
    [Fraser Valley] It's been a great salmon fishery this fall with record numbers of big Chinook salmon and Coho salmon entering the rivers as I type.
    Steelhead in 200 FOW in Saugatuck by (2011-10-08 06:22:28)
    [Saugatuck] After the strong blow last week the fish are in 190 to 230 foot of water and in the top 50 foot.
    October Salmon fishing by (2011-10-05 14:49:39)
    [Sacramento River] Salmon fishing is so good we have been limiting out by noon every trip out lately.
    Hot Klamath and Sacramento River Action by (2011-09-30 13:31:16)
    [Klamath River] The past week has seen excellent fishing on the Klamath River, then on 9-29-11 saw Sacramento River limits.
    Sept. 25 by (2011-09-26 12:26:43)
    [Oswego] Back to fishing the rivers. So far things have been challenging.
    Deep water produces limit catches in Saugatuck by (2011-09-24 07:30:44)
    [Saugatuck] 140 foot of water produced some very good salmon catches with some steelhead and lake trout showing up.
    Klamath River Fishing has been excellent by (2011-09-23 11:34:50)
    [Klamath River] Limits and near-limits every day of bright Klamath River hard-fighting chrome salmon, fresh from the ocean. Kevin Brock will lbe back on the Sacramento River soon.
    Lake Ontario, Oneida Lake Salmon River Fishing Report 9/15/11 by (2011-09-15 13:24:25)
    [Pulaski] Today it feels like Fall. West - Northwest winds are coming on strong, a cool rain is falling and this may be just what we need to get the river fishing as it should be.
    The mouth of the Salmon R. is on fire! by (2011-09-14 20:33:24)
    [Mexico Bay] Fish off the mouth of the Salmon R. is HOT!!!
    Water temperature raises 20 degrees overnight in Saugatuck by (2011-09-11 17:21:36)
    [Saugatuck] The excellent pier fishing that existed during the week slowed this weekend after the raise in water temperature.
    September1-7 by (2011-09-08 15:41:10)
    [Oswego] Salmon fishing has been excellent the last week wih many limit catches been had.
    Hot Salmon Fishing in Saugatuck by (2011-09-04 09:51:14)
    [Saugatuck] I you want to catch salmon, not is the time to fish out of Saugtuck with limit catches common.
    12 days of limits - excellent salmon fishing continues by (2011-08-31 17:40:43)
    [Sacramento River] Sacramento River king salmon fishing is still going strong, with solid limits daily.
    Lake Ontario, Oneida Lake Salmon River Fishing Report by (2011-08-29 08:35:43)
    [Lake Ontario] The salmon fishing on Lake Ontario has Red Hot and now that Irene is past us we will see what this week brings.
    King Salmon in the Summer by (2011-08-28 15:01:42)
    [Northern California] Salmon fishing on the Sacramento River is very good right now .
    Flashers and Flies in Saugatuck by (2011-08-28 14:58:16)
    [Saugatuck] Falshers and flies on copper, downriggers and dipsy divers are catching big salmon.
    Hot salmon fishing continues, limits AGAIN! by (2011-08-24 22:11:05)
    [Sacramento] The Sacramento River salmon fishing has been spactacular, and limits continued today.
    Oswego Salmon August 21st by (2011-08-22 21:35:54)
    [Oswego] The salmon fishing is starting to heat up out of Oswego!!!! Big Kings and lots of them.
    Frequent 20 + pound salmon catches in Saugatuck by (2011-08-21 16:34:44)
    [Saugatuck] Just about every trip produced a salmon that would exceed 20 pounds or at least push it.
    Multiple 20 pound salmon in Saugatuck by (2011-08-15 21:21:47)
    [Saugatuck] This past week went from taking 80% Lake Trout per trip to taking 90% salmon per trip.
    August 1-7 by (2011-08-09 18:00:59)
    [Oswego] Fishing out of Oswego has been in a transition period. Browns have been biting but cold temps slowed them down. Kings have been very scattered.
    One day with the steelhead in front the Saugatuck Piers by (2011-08-07 06:28:52)
    [Saugatuck] With cold water moving in mid week, we found steelhead in front the piers.
    Salmon action gettin good by (2011-08-05 19:12:56)
    [Mexico Bay] We had to cover a fair amout of water today but we managed to have a great day on trout and salmon
    Eastern Lake Ontario King Salmon Are Here! by (2011-08-04 14:29:17)
    [Lake Ontario] Salmon Charters have been productive for BIG kings! Salmon are consistantly biting off the big Salmon River.
    Trout and Salmon Bonanza by (2011-08-02 15:59:16)
    [Mexico Bay] Fishing in the area continues to be excellent. Everyday we see more and more salmon and trout in the area.
    August Trophy Browns in Oswego with Cold Steel by (2011-08-02 15:20:48)
    [Lake Ontario] Brown trout fishing out of Oswego has been incredible! Trophies over 10lbs are being taken everyday. Salmon fishing has been a bit slower.
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