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Salmon Fishing Reports

Browse popular Salmon fishing reports by professional fishing guides.

Salmon Fishing Reports
    Vancouver area river fishing report by (2011-08-02 10:49:38)
    [Vancouver] Fly fishing in Vancouver for Salmon is very good this August!
    Lake Ontario Fishing Report by (2011-08-01 07:10:10)
    [Oswego] From The Shipping Lanes all the way to Sodus Bay large numbers of king salmon are being found in 200 to 600 feet of water.
    Limit perch catches and salmon hitting in Saugatuck by (2011-07-31 17:09:25)
    [Saugatuck] More and more salmon are showing up in 80 foot of water and some limit catches of perch are being reported south of the piers.
    Half Moon Bay Salmon 7/29 by (2011-07-30 08:12:48)
    [Half Moon Bay] 2 salmon for six anglers. Jellyfish made it difficult to fish. Calm seas made it a pleasure to be out.
    Oswego July 28th by (2011-07-28 20:52:29)
    [Oswego] The fishing out of Oswego remains great!
    Lake Trout with a few silver fish in Saugatuck by (2011-07-24 18:40:25)
    [Saugatuck] Fish the bottom of lake trout and the 40 to 60 foot range for salmon and steelhead.
    Salmon for Wednesday 7/20 by (2011-07-20 23:59:26)
    [Half Moon Bay] 4 salmon, more shakers, silvers, mackerel. More wind and swell but a sunny day.
    Huli Cat Salmon 7/19 to 23 pounds by (2011-07-19 22:48:43)
    [Half Moon Bay] 14 salmon to 23 pounds. Great bite, lots of action, shakers, silvers. Water started to get a little snotty.
    Salmon in the am Trout in the pm by (2011-07-19 21:26:44)
    [Lake Ontario] The morning trip today produced a limit catch for bill and bill while our afternoon trip produced a limit for A group of first timers
    Oswego 7/1-7/10 by (2011-07-19 18:05:00)
    [Lake Ontario] Excellent fishing remains out of Oswego. Big Kings, Trophy Browns, Steelhead and Lake trout.
    Huli Cat Salmon 7/18 by (2011-07-18 23:47:29)
    [Half Moon Bay] 29 salmon to 19 pounds. Some of the best slamon fishing I have seen in years. Flat calm water and a whale show to boot.
    Mid July report by (2011-07-18 19:40:04)
    [Half Moon Bay] Wide open salmon and rock fishing along the San Mateo coast.
    Huli Cat Salmon Sunday by (2011-07-17 20:44:05)
    [Half Moon Bay] 6 salmon to 26 pounds for 5 anglers. Great amount of feed, whales, bait, birds. Incredible weather to enjoy being out on the water.
    Steelhead at the piers at Saugatuck by (2011-07-17 16:27:01)
    [Saugatuck] Early in the week we fished for salmon and steelhead 9 miles out but by the weekend we were fishing in 15 foot of water for steelhead.
    Eastern Lake Ontario Has the fish by (2011-07-17 11:10:57)
    [Pulaski] Over the past few wees Eastern Lake ontario has had the fish and anglers are Halling in trout and salmon everyday
    Eastern Lake Ontario HOT!!!! by (2011-07-17 11:01:10)
    [Lake Ontario] Fishing on the Eastern end of Lake Ontario has been off the Charts. Limit catches are the norm right now
    Huli Cat Salmon, er, combo for Saturday 7/16 by (2011-07-16 19:54:12)
    [Half Moon Bay] Started out for salmon at Deep REef, bite slowed. Caught two salmon, then opted for rockfish. Very nice weather.
    Huli Cat 7/14 Salmon outside Half Moon Bay by (2011-07-14 22:15:53)
    [Half Moon Bay] 10 salmon for 10 anglers. Rough in early morning, settled out during the day. Lots of action, shakers, silvers.
    July salmon and trout action heats on Lake Ontario! by (2011-07-13 15:47:48)
    [Pulaski] Summertime is prime time for trolling on Lake Ontario. There are huge trout and salmon caught each summer off shore.
    Salmon showing up in deep water in Saugatuck by (2011-07-11 16:07:09)
    [Saugatuck] You can fish in 100 foot of water for mainly Lake Trout or move out to 200+ feet to fish for salmon and steelhead.
    Lake Ontario Fishing Report by (2011-07-11 10:18:14)
    [Lake Ontario] We have seen more kings in the last week than we have all season.
    Deep Reef Salmon by (2011-07-11 00:31:23)
    [Half Moon Bay] After rockfishing all day, we heard salmon talk on the radio. After dropping off rockfish group, we gathered a gruop to try for salmon. 2 kings and numerous silvers.
    McKenzie Salmon Red Hot by (2011-07-10 11:04:22)
    [Mckenzie River] With river conditions now excellent, Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout fishing is superb right now and should continue well into August!
    Oceana Fly Hot in Saugatuck by (2011-07-04 07:16:34)
    [Saugatuck] Limit catches occured this past week with the creel consisting of lake trout and chinook salmon.
    June 20-25 by (2011-06-30 11:51:33)
    [Lake Ontario] The fishing out of Oswego remains great with a nice mixed bag of fish!
    Lake Ontario, Salmon River, Oswego Harbor Fishing Report by (2011-06-29 14:57:26)
    [Lake Ontario] Summer is here and what better time to take advantage of the tremendous fishing opportunities that our area has to offer.
    Pound Bottom For Lake Trout and Salmon in Saugatuck by (2011-06-26 07:11:16)
    [Saugatuck] Pounding bottom is producing some good catches of Lake Trout and some salmon.
    Oswego 6/18 by (2011-06-20 17:28:29)
    [Lake Ontario] Went searching fro kings and found plenty of Lake trout
    Lake Ontario, Salmon River, Oswego Harbor Fishing Report by (2011-06-20 09:12:18)
    [Lake Ontario] y 2011 lake season has just been super. We are having some great weather and great fishing. What better time to get outdoors and wet a line.
    Huli Cat Combo for 6/18 by (2011-06-19 19:21:40)
    [Half Moon Bay] 29 poiund salmon, good rockfish. Trifecta of fishing. Weather settled down for a nice finish.
    Rough Water with Good Catches of Salmon by (2011-06-13 20:44:13)
    [Saugatuck] The week produced some very good fishing however there was a lot of wind and rough water.
    Cold Steel Orlean's Pro Am Report by (2011-06-13 17:39:16)
    [Lake Ontario] Great fishing to be had during the Orleans Pro Am
    Niagara Pro-Am by (2011-06-06 13:15:35)
    [Wilson] Incredible fishing this weekend on the western end of Lake Ontario
    First 20 pound Chinook salmon of the season. by (2011-06-05 18:09:39)
    [Saugatuck] Fishing in 100 foot of water produced the first 20 pound chinook salmon this season.
    Lake Ontario, Oneida Lake Salmon River Fishing Report 6/2/ 11 by (2011-06-02 16:08:29)
    [Pulaski] The past week though has proven once again that Lake Ontario fishing is about as good as it gets.
    May 29 Saugatuck Fishing Report by (2011-05-30 05:44:57)
    [Saugatuck] Good fishing throughout the week with catches from 10 to 20 fish per boat.
    Thursday HMB Salmon by (2011-05-26 19:26:08)
    [Half Moon Bay] lots of shakers and silvers. Great weather and water conditions. Lots of Whales.
    Sheboygan Salmon Fishing May 25, 2011 by (2011-05-26 07:12:49)
    [Sheboygan] Early season salmon fishing right on track for 2011. Lake Michigan charter fishing out of the port of Sheboygan is off to a good start.
    Mooshead Fishing Heating up by (2011-05-24 16:02:47)
    [Moosehead Lake] Fished Mooshead Lake on May 14th and scored big with Lake Trout and Landlocked Salmon
    STS Guiding weekly fishing report by (2011-05-23 12:40:08)
    [Fraser Valley] Both salmon and sturgeon fishign are still very good and will only get better.
    Lake Ontario, Salmon River, Oswego Harbor Fishing Report 5/ 18/ 11 by (2011-05-18 08:54:08)
    [Lake Ontario] Eastern basin Lake Ontario fishing in the eastern basin is sick right now with limit plus catches every time out!
    Kings and Lake Trout in Saugatuck by (2011-05-15 11:00:32)
    [Saugatuck] Cold, wet and windy conditions produced some good fishing for salmon and trout in Saugatuck.
    Lots of Lake Trout with a few Chinook Salmon in Saugatuck by (2011-05-08 21:36:53)
    [Saugatuck] You can either bounce the bottom and fish for lake trout or fish the upper layers of salmon.
    Kings in the spring by (2011-05-05 23:42:21)
    [Niagra] Kings on The Boards in Port Dalhousie Cold Weather But Hot Fishing!!
    Sebago Success by (2011-05-05 08:27:32)
    [Sebago Lake] Landlocked salmon and lake trout are biting well at Sebago Lake
    Chinook showing up in the Saugatuck creel by (2011-05-01 20:58:21)
    [Saugatuck] The chinook salmon are beginning to show up in the creel in Saugatuck.
    May 1 Salmon on Huli Cat by (2011-05-01 20:24:54)
    [Half Moon Bay] 4 salmon for 7 anglers. Lots of action. Dungeness crabs as well.
    Vancouver Canada Fishing Report by (2011-04-26 16:01:02)
    [Vancouver] Things are starting to perk up in local waters!
    4/20 Half Moon Bay Salmon Report by (2011-04-20 20:19:52)
    [Half Moon Bay] 3 salmon to 16 pounds for 10 anglers. Weatherman was not very accurate today. Rain, wind and sloppy conditions.
    Huli Cat Sunday Salmon by (2011-04-17 20:47:44)
    [Half Moon Bay] Good water conditions, good fishing. Keepers and shakers keep the morning and afternoon alert. Krill in top 40'. Everyone had lots of shaker action. 6 fish to 18 pounds for 10 rods in the water. Things are picking up. Every boat down there I heard had fish.
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