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Salmon Fishing Reports

Browse popular Salmon fishing reports by professional fishing guides.

Salmon Fishing Reports
    Lots of Lake Trout with a few Chinook Salmon in Saugatuck by (2011-05-08 21:36:53)
    [Saugatuck] You can either bounce the bottom and fish for lake trout or fish the upper layers of salmon.
    Kings in the spring by (2011-05-05 23:42:21)
    [Niagra] Kings on The Boards in Port Dalhousie Cold Weather But Hot Fishing!!
    Sebago Success by (2011-05-05 08:27:32)
    [Sebago Lake] Landlocked salmon and lake trout are biting well at Sebago Lake
    Chinook showing up in the Saugatuck creel by (2011-05-01 20:58:21)
    [Saugatuck] The chinook salmon are beginning to show up in the creel in Saugatuck.
    May 1 Salmon on Huli Cat by (2011-05-01 20:24:54)
    [Half Moon Bay] 4 salmon for 7 anglers. Lots of action. Dungeness crabs as well.
    Vancouver Canada Fishing Report by (2011-04-26 16:01:02)
    [Vancouver] Things are starting to perk up in local waters!
    4/20 Half Moon Bay Salmon Report by (2011-04-20 20:19:52)
    [Half Moon Bay] 3 salmon to 16 pounds for 10 anglers. Weatherman was not very accurate today. Rain, wind and sloppy conditions.
    Huli Cat Sunday Salmon by (2011-04-17 20:47:44)
    [Half Moon Bay] Good water conditions, good fishing. Keepers and shakers keep the morning and afternoon alert. Krill in top 40'. Everyone had lots of shaker action. 6 fish to 18 pounds for 10 rods in the water. Things are picking up. Every boat down there I heard had fish.
    Brown Trout Fishing Sunday and Monday by (2011-04-12 09:20:11)
    [Rochester] The Brown Trout fishing is RED HOT right now! Lake Ontario is coming alive for the 2011 season as I type.
    Rogue springers heating up by (2011-04-10 17:47:32)
    [Rogue River] The spring chinook season on the lower Rogue River is off to a good start.
    Fish catch fluctuates throughout the week in Saugatuck by (2011-04-10 12:02:37)
    [Saugatuck] The catch rate decreased from 20 fish per trip to 2 to 6 fish per trip.
    Vancouver, Canada Salmon Report by (2011-03-15 15:42:41)
    [Vancouver] Spring is just around the corner and so is the good fishing!
    Fishing Report and Videos March, 2011 by (2011-03-12 22:43:15)
    [Ucluelet] Here is the latest report along with a great fishing video! This video was for one of the derby days in August. We landed two just under 35 lbs!
    Vancouver, Canada Winter Chinook Salmon Report! by (2011-02-28 19:53:52)
    [Vancouver] Winter Chinook fishing has continued to be very good in Vancouver Harbour! The cold weather has now past and it is now time to go fishing!
    The Second Salmon of the Season is caught on Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery by (2011-02-27 14:53:08)
    [Blackwater River] Only 2 rods out on the river yesterday. Tony O'Keeffe from Mallow was fishing at Kilmurry with his father Dan and caught this 6.6lb. fish on Flying C on the Island Stream on Lower Kilmurry. Sea-lice can be seen in the picture - two on the top of the tail and one below the adipose. There were more on the back & the head of the fish. They also caught a few kelts.
    2011 Salmon Run prediction by (2011-02-07 20:38:03)
    [Soldotna] King Salmon Average Red Salmon above average Silver Salmon above average
    First Salmon of 2011! by (2011-02-05 19:15:17)
    [Blackwater River] The First Spring Salmon is Landed on February 3rd.!
    Vancouver Salmon Report.....Feb 4/11 by (2011-02-04 17:52:06)
    [Vancouver] Fishing for winter chinook salmon has been very good! Nice fish up to 27 pounds are being hooked!
    Salmon and Sea trout report from the Waterville Co kerry ireland by (2011-02-01 18:14:04)
    [Waterville] not a great month until the last day, as you will see when you reel this report so tight lines and good reading.
    Tofino & Ucluelet B.C. Fishing Outlook 2011 by (2011-01-30 22:11:25)
    [Tofino] This outlook is a segway to some great fishing reports to follow. We'll be getting bent here all season long so more to come soon,,,,
    Salmon and Sea Trout report from the Waterville fishery by (2011-01-24 17:55:16)
    [Waterville] Not a lot be said in this weeks report as you will see when you reel this report in, sorry for that but yon Can�t make the fish take and on that note tight lines and good reading
    salmon and sea Trout report from the Waterville Fishery by (2011-01-17 18:05:43)
    [Waterville] Well not a lot to be said on the opening day as you see when you reel this report in,but its great to be back on the Reel.
    STS Guiding Fishing Report by (2011-01-06 10:03:38)
    [Vancouver] Good winter fishing for both salmon and steelhead
    2011 Season Recap Ucluelet BC by (2010-12-02 12:21:03)
    [Ucluelet] See with your own eyes on video! We have done a few videos from last summer and we just posted the longest one. Also a recap of what was going on!
    Smith salmon run still strong by (2010-12-02 11:44:02)
    [Smith River] Salmon are still entering the Smith River, while fresh steelhead also are showing up.
    2010 Salmon Season Report from Blackwater Lodge by (2010-11-22 16:40:40)
    [Blackwater River] Finally, I have completed a report on the 2010 Season on Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery. This can be found on:
    Red Hot Steelhead Fishing by (2010-11-09 06:52:06)
    [Saugatuck] Fishing in the Kalamazoo River is red hot with very low water levels.
    Winter Chinook Success by (2010-11-02 17:57:36)
    [Prince Rupert] Positive indications for a successful Winter Chinook Season
    Salmon Fishing Still Hot! Sheboygan, WI by (2010-11-01 15:04:21)
    [Sheboygan] Salmon fishing still hot out of Sheboygan Wisconsin.
    Smith River salmon arrive, rain coming! by (2010-10-21 11:20:25)
    [Smith River] Salmon are stacking up in the Smith River tidewater, and with rain coming tonight through Sunday, fishing is expected to bust wide open next week.
    Salmon River Fishing Report 10/18/10 by (2010-10-18 10:25:21)
    [Pulaski] We are well into the month of October and conditions on area rivers and streams could not be much better.
    Chetco salmon arrive in big numbers by (2010-10-13 10:01:47)
    [Chetco River] Big king salmon are stacking up off the mouth of the Chetco, waiting for fall rains. ODFW's big run forecast is arriving.
    End of the 2010 fishing season by (2010-10-12 06:28:45)
    [Saugatuck] Fishing out in 130 to 200 foot of water was good for salmon and steelhead.
    Salmon stack up off Chetco by (2010-10-08 10:48:42)
    [Chetco River] After a slow start, kings are being caught in the ocean off the mouth of the Chetco River. Fish are big.
    Upper Klamath salmon fishing hot by (2010-10-08 10:43:33)
    [Klamath River] Salmon are stacking up in upper Klamath River near Hornbrook and fishing is good. 8 to 10 fish a day.
    Salmon River Fishing Report 10/7/10 by (2010-10-07 19:36:13)
    [Pulaski] Great Fishing this week! High water but the river is very fishable.
    Salmon and Sea Trout report from the Waterville Fishery by (2010-10-07 15:49:30)
    [Waterville] There was good action in the last few days of the 2010 seasom as you will see when you reel this erport in so good reading and tifgt lines. See you on the 17/1/2011
    Salmon River Fishing Report 10/3/10 by (2010-10-03 19:18:09)
    [Pulaski] Plenty of fish in all the streams and rivers.
    Switch from Lake Trout to Salmon by (2010-10-03 11:48:17)
    [Saugatuck] The closing of the lake trout season forces a switch to salmon fishing.
    Salmon and Sea Trout report from the Waterville Fishery by (2010-09-23 17:18:13)
    [Waterville] There was great action on the Waterville Fishery as you will See when you reel this report in,so good reading amd tight lines.
    Salmon River Fishing Report 9/22/10 by (2010-09-22 19:42:17)
    [Pulaski] The salmon season is now in full swing and area rivers are receiving a fair amount of fish.
    Limits on Lake Trout but few Salmon by (2010-09-19 11:27:21)
    [Saugatuck] Limit lake trout catches were the rule this past week, however very few 4 year old salmon were caught.
    October wind in September by (2010-09-12 20:26:08)
    [Saugatuck] High winds and high seas have kept the boats off the lake for the last 10 days.
    Salmon and Sea Trout report from the Waterville Fishery by (2010-09-11 17:11:08)
    [Waterville] Soor for the delay, but as you will when you reel this report in the Waterville fisgery saw some good sport, so good reading and tight lines
    Fraser river fishing is Excellent in BC by (2010-09-07 17:38:20)
    [Fraser Valley] A huge Sockeye salmon return means great salmon fishing on the Fraser river for sport fishers! Sturgeon are biting very well too!
    Lake Ontario Salmon River Fishing Report 9/5/10 by (2010-09-05 07:47:52)
    [Lake Ontario] King Salmon continue to school in front of area tributaries and are providing great catches to the anglers that are willing to put in some time and effort.
    Big king salmon on light tackle! by (2010-09-03 17:23:28)
    [Milwaukee] Wisconsin fishing guide Ben Kueng fishing for big king salmon and trout on light tackle. The big kings are in for the fall and 20+ fish days are not uncommon right now!!
    Salmon and Sea Trout report from the Waterville Fishery by (2010-08-31 08:11:49)
    [Waterville] There was some good action all over the Waterville Fishery, as you will see, when you reel this report in, so tight lines and good reading
    Kitimat Fishing Reports by (2010-08-25 17:09:20)
    [Kitimat] SALTWATER FISHING: Fantastic fishing conditions still continue here on the north coast of British Columbia. Weather is very warm and we have not seen rain for quite some time (although needed for river conditions). Outside waters have been tough to get to as wind has been a factor for more than a month.
    Salmon and Sea Trout report from the Waterville Fishery by (2010-08-25 07:47:51)
    [Waterville] waterville Lake was on the quiet dide,even though some anglers did see some good action, both in the Salmon and Sea Trout departments, as you will see when you reel this report in.
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