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2007-06-17 22:22:58
Point Pleasant, New Jersey - Saltwater Fishing Report
Lower Fingers area

Subject: "Mirage"Fishings reports-----6/13 & 6/16/07

Mirage Sport Fishing Charters,Inc./ fishing reports:

For 6/13/07:

Had the Art Cimino charter from Manchester,NJ out Wenesday shark fishing. Leaving the inlet at 4:30 AM after listening to NOAA weather of ENE 10 to 15 knots with a 2 to 4 ft. sea. Arrived at the lower Fingers around 7 AM and layed out our slick. After fishing for a few hours it started to "honk" and before we knew it the seas were 6 to 8 ft.So we at the groups request we headed back in close to shore to fish for fluke , which turned out to be a bust because couldn't hold bottom with 10 ounces ! We then wound up fishing in the river between the Coast Guard Station & Hoffmans for the rest of the day catching all throw-back fluke. By the way my charter & myself would like to thank NOAA for their wonderful forecast !

Capt. Bruce Miller and mates Capt.Bob Imsho & Jarred Pollara

Mirage fishing reports:

For 6/16/07

Fished the Brett T. Bailey Mako Rodeo Shark Tournament. Had the Fort Dix soldiers out on the shark trip courtesy of Kevin Bailey, Brett's brother. All these soldiers have seen duty either in Iraq or Afganistan and we really enjoyed having them out on the trip. Once again the Mirage headed for the Lower Fingers fining real nice water with a 64 degree temp. We set our slick about 7 AM, threw out the Mak Magnet & began to drift, with only about one-half knot speed. Around 9 AM we had our first shark, a Blue around 50 to 70 lb's. After the soldiers took some pictures we tagged & released it, An hour later another blue shark. about 80 to 90 lb's., also tagged and released ! From then to 3 PM we had 3 more Blue Dogs, which were also tagged & released. Around 3:30 PM a Mako around 125-150 lb's. came rocketing out of the water in back of our far, deep line, not only once but put on a show these guys won't forget too soon. The Mako continued for another 6 jumps, end over end reaching heights of 15 to 20 ft. We saw a orange shirt hanging from the sharks mouth but the only problem was that it was "free jumping" and had no idea where our baits were ! The soldiers were also treated to some nice sub sandwiches supplied & donated by Johnny G's Italian Restaurant in Silverton on Hooper Ave. They wished to express their thanks to Kevin Bailey & Johnny G's for their generous donation's in making their fishing expierence possible! The trip was also topped off by many bluefish and also a Thresher Shark in the slick that we couldn't get to eat a bait !

Capt. Bruce Miller and mates Capt. Rich Oris & Dennis Galante

Fish Species: Mako / Blue sharks
Bait Used: Live bluefish, squid, mackerel, bunker chum
Tackle Used: Rod & reel
Method Used: Drifting / using Mako Magnet
Water Depth: 119 to 141 ft.
Water Temperature: 63.4 to 65.7 degrees
Wind Direction: SSW
Wind Speed: 10-15 knots

About The Author: Captain Bruce Miller

Company: Mirage Sportfishing Charters,Inc. (NJ)

Area Reporting: Cental NJ Coast / Point Pleasant,NJ / Atlantic Ocean

Bio: Captain Bruce Miller will once again skipper the sport fishing vessel MIRAGE. Bruce brings with him 40-plus years of Jersey coast experience and has won and placed in a number of major shark tournaments and offshore tournaments, including the 1981 and the 1993 JCSA Invitationals (two-time winner), and 2001 Mid-Atlantic $500K tournament - one of the East Coast's most prestigious events, and one in which our crew competed and placed among some of the world's best sport anglers. The MIRAGE is avaliable for all major shark or offshore tournaments The MIRAGE is a 43' Egg Harbor Sport Fisherman with accommodations for up to six anglers to fish either inshore or offshore. We feature overnight canyon capabilities, with a full complement of state-of-the-art navigational electronics and such guest amenities as refrigerator, microwave, VCR, stereo and air conditioning. We also boast a very experienced and helpful crew of Captains and mates.

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