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2009-04-12 06:50:07
Spanish Pyrenees, - Freshwater Fishing Report
Navarre,Aragonesee and Catalonia Pyrenees


Insects hatch in abundance from April to September and the variety of species is enormous due to the high quality of the water. The most widely used and successful flies include:

Mayflies & caddis n� 12-18

Stoneflies, flat & cad. Nymphs n� 8-14

It is important not to forget:

Attractors n� 12-16

Varied terrestrial n� 8-12

Streamers in natural colours n� 6-8

Once your reservation is complete we will be happy to provide you with a complete study of the natural flies for each month.


For dry-fly fishing on rivers we suggest rods be 8 to 9 feet and of between 3 to 4 in gauge. Floating line. 8 to 10 foot trailers with a final tippet of 5X to 7X.

For lake fishing we recommend a 9' or 9' 6" rod of between 5 to 6 in gauge, floating WF line, 10 to 12 foot trailers and a taper of 2X to 5X.


In Santa Cilia de Jaca , between Navarra and Aragonese Pyrenees and in Aren, between Catalonia and Aragonese Pyrenees there are two Lodges from a recognize Guiding services Company called SALVELINUS, who offer complete fly fishing services organizing daily and weekly programs with helicopter fly-outs and activities for the non angler.


There are many different restrictions in the different regions, areas and valleys but we could find open water to practise wild trout fishing along:


19th March � 15th September Western Pyrenees

1st March � 30th of November Eastern Pyrenees

High Mountain

1st of June � 15th of September Western Pyrenees

15th of May � 30th of September Eastern Pyrenees

* April May: could be a good option in some lower reaches

* June-July and September: prime time for Dry-Fly Fishing

* August: the best temperature for High Mountain Fishing

* October �November: best conditions for the biggest ones

Winter Fishing a few "cotos de pesca" are opened


The regional administration is responsible for fisheries management. It is necessary to have a regional (Aragon, Navarra or Catalu�a) fishing licence (there is no national fishing licence in Spain).

There are "cotos de pesca": these fishing betas are between 3 km to 30 km long. Inside these areas is necessary to have a personal day permit in addition to the regional licence.

Legislation is very strict and catch and release is compulsory in most areas although you could find very hidden free areas you are able to kill but where nobody go , and finally�full of trout.


The southern face of the Pyrenean range, our area, has a very favourable climate.

The average temperature along the season is around 60-80 Fahrenheit but you can not remember you are in Pyrenees Mountains and in the same hour could be a different of 30 degrees between lower reaches and high mountain. The weather in high mountain could be hard in any season.

In winter snow covers the majority of the trout valleys.


The Aragonese Pyrenees has many protected natural areas covering approximately 8% of the region. There are also 200,000 hectares of hunting grounds.

There are many species of wild animals, reptiles and birds in the Pyrenees � from brown bears to fire salamanders. Egyptian, griffon and bearded vulture, golden eagle, dipper, wild boar, sarrio (similar to chamois), mountain goat, eagle owl and red squirrel are all frequent sights to accompany a day's fishing. There is also the possibility of spotting the elusive Pyrenean Desman in the higher mountains streams.

Fish Species: Brown, Rainbow and Brook Trout
Bait Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth:
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
A brown Trout in latest season in lower reaches in Pyrenees Mountains
A brown Trout in latest season in lower reaches in Pyrenees Mountains

Ibon :High Mountain Lake in Aragonesee lenguage
Ibon :High Mountain Lake in Aragonesee lenguage

About The Author: Ivan Tarin

Company: SALVELINUS Fishing Adventures

Area Reporting: Spanish Pyrenees

Bio: Information about the author Ivan Tarin was born in Zaragoza, Spain, in 1977. Since 1990 until nowadays has been practising trekking in mountains searching virgin locations for dry fly fishing in lost valleys in the magnificent natural border between France and Spain. More than 3500 km trout waters inside more than 80 different streams plus more than 400 high mountain lakes in Pyrenees, have been my entertainment, my hobby and my job along the latest 19 years, but today I have not finished my search Since 1999 works like Fly Fishing guide in Western and Eastern Pyrenees and since 2001 is one the owners and the head guide of the recognize SALVELINUS Fishing Adventures Company. He has worked in different Governmental programs to organize the resource: fly fishing in Pyrenees Mountains. He is the fishing tourism representing and a technical assistant in the Fishing Conseil from General Government of Aragon. His knowledge about the resource, the locations and the hidden trout populations has been completed with the extremely important information given for the rest of the guide-staff, some of them working like guides in Pyrenees more than 23 years ago. He has been done a firstly search of 4 months in Patagonia along the prime time testing more than 30 operations for fly fishing in landscapes sceneries where practise dry fly fishing and nowadays works like specialist travel agent for dry fly fishing adventures destinations to the last frontier in Patagonia. He is the Director of the SALVELINUS Fly Fishing School, with the most active and practise casting and on the river techniques courses in Spain, with clients from over Western Europe.

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