10m Varmint base linear XL-1000 For Sale

10m Varmint base linear XL-1000
Current Bid: $ 350.00  

Up for bid is a clean running XL-1000 HAS 3-6JG6 into 6-6js6 tubes if you know how to run a big amp(NOT WIDE OPEN) this amp with 3w key swing to 12w will get you 800 that on a good meter Daiwa cn-801 not no Dosy amp and tubes should last a long time this has been my #1 amp for two years shipping will be high it is heavy will send back any ext shipping will double box to ship BECAUSE OF THE WEIGHT AND  THE PEOPLE WE HAVE TO SHIP WITH AMP WILL BE SOLD AS IS BUT NOT DOA on my end tubes will be in bubble rap will do every thing on my end to get the amp to you in good shape IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF AND RUN BIG TUBE AMPS DON'T BYE ONE YOU WILL BRAKE IT  will ship as soon as I can but will take the time to box wright

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