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I PURCHASED THIS GENESIS PHANTOM BCD SEVERAL YEARS AGO. THE BCD IS NEW NEVER USED NOT EVEN USED IN A SWIMMING POOL.IT WAS PACKED AND PUT INTO STORAGE. I DON'T HAVE THE PAPERWORK FOR IT . I INSTALLED  A SMALL STAINLESS STEEL DIVE KNIFE IN A LOCKING SHEATH.  SIZE MEDIUMThe Phantom?s shoulder straps extend all the way to the top of the backpack frame. There?s more adjustability so it doesn?t matter if you are wearing a skin, a wet suit or even a dry suit. And since the cylinder weight is supported by the straps, rather than by the air cell itself, you can use the Phantom with twin cylinder configurations. There are even convenient pass-thru bolts in the backpack to make conversion to twins quick and simple.

You can improve your attitude in the water (your profile, not your mood) with the Phantom?s integrated weight system. The 2 rear pockets hold up to 4 pounds each and the front releasable pockets hold up to 10 pounds each. Unlike some other weight systems, you can make a more controlled ascent by releasing one or both pockets as necessary. And you can easily slide your pockets back into position, even while underwater. That?s why it was named one of the Five Best Weight Integrated Jacket BCDs by Rodale?s Scuba Diving in 1997.

You won?t find large gaps behind your shoulders with Phantom ? it is designed to fit close to your body. And the front lobes are held snug with a double elastic closure. Adjustments are made from the inside so you don?t have strap ends hanging out. A proper fitting BCD is safer and reduces your drag in the water

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