Giant 8 Foot SailFish Taxidermy Taxidermied Sail Fish Stuffed Billfish Display For Sale

Giant 8 Foot SailFish Taxidermy Taxidermied Sail Fish Stuffed Billfish Display
Current Bid: $ 149.95  

Giant Taxidermied Sailfish

Big Fish is Over 8 feet Long

Fantastic Decorator Piece for a Restaurant, Bar, Club, Den, Man Cave

eBay Note: This sailfish is of the species Istiophorus and is not endangered.

Fish is located in Mountain Home, Arkansas, and is for local pick up only.  However, I will travel up to 100 miles in any direction for a $100 delivery/meeting fee (payment in advance).

Fish was caught in Acapulco, Mexico, probably 30 years ago.  Was taxidermied and hung in a boat store for most of those years.

Fish needs restoration as far as paint goes.  The old finish is flaking off and the fish needs to be re-painted.

Sailfish doesn?t have any big, significant damage (other than flaking finish).  Handling over the years has left the tips of the rear fins a little rough, but some molding plastic could easily repair them.

(The giant top fin is fiberglass.  I assume all taxidermied sailfish have a fake back fin, since preserving something that is essentially a giant membrane may be impossible.  Fin lifts in and out of a slot made into the fish?s back.)

On the back of the fish there?s a nice, big rectangular catch for displaying on your wall.

Given the time, I would have painted this myself.  Bit it just one more project I don?t need.

Fish would look great painted back to original colors, or even done with a ?mod? paint job.  Let your creativity go . . .

The upside on this fish, in repainted condition, could be $700 - $1,000 or more.

Anyway, if you want a great fish at a bargain price, that you can play with, here it is . . .

Thanks for looking and be sure to checkout my other items for sale.

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