Giant Humboldt Squid beak, shark jaws, jaw, fish, tooth, taxidermy, sperm whale For Sale

Giant Humboldt Squid beak, shark jaws, jaw, fish, tooth, taxidermy, sperm whale
Current Bid: $ 85.00  

This is the beak, eye lenses, and sucker rings of a Humboldt squid, one of the most voracious predators in the ocean.  This is a very large specimen that comes from a 100 pound (45 kg) squid which is much larger than the average size squid of 25 pounds (10 kgs).  To give it some scale, you can see this specimen next to a medium beak in photo 4 (not included in this sale).  Medium sized squid make up the vast majority of the catch.  You will receive the exact specimen in the photos.  The two halves have been mounted together since they come out of the squid separately and are attached together by a round white muscle while in the squid's body.  Its also a great looking specimen in my opinion with great eye appeal.  Please note, THIS BEAK IS NOT IN PERFECT CONDITION.  There are a few chips off one of the side flaps on the bottom half that you can see in photo 5 and a small split near the tip on the top half.  Nevertheless, this is still one heck of an impressive, huge specimen or I would not be selling it.  The eye lenses I'll send you are like luminous marbles with one side flat and they too are large specimens, mediums being only the diameter of a pen cap.  The rings are surrounded by sharp little teeth that the squid use to grasp onto their prey.  It would not be pleasant to be grabbed by 10 arms and 2 tentacles full of these things and they're one of the reasons why we don't eat the tentacles of these animals (the other being they're too damn thick!).

If you've seen these animals on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, or National Geographic, you'll know they're some of the most aggressive and dangerous predators in the ocean.  I personally have witnessed them tear a hooked mate to pieces leaving me nothing but an eye to reel in.  You would certainly not want to dive with them unless protected by body armor like the diver in photo 2.

Photos tell the rest of the story.  Thank you.





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