Kenwood Model DG-5 Digital Display For Sale

Kenwood Model DG-5 Digital Display
Current Bid: $ 162.50  

Up for auction is a Kenwood DG-5 external digital display for use with the Kenwood TS-520S.  It's in great shape as can be seen from the photos.  Included are power & interface cables and a reprinted User Manual (from scanned images of the original manual). Here are the features as described in the manual (between the === lines).=========1. Full, Precise Direct Reading of TS-520S Operating Frequencies As Precise As Order 0f 100HZ.Your DG-5 synthesizes all local oscillator output frequencies, including the heterodyne, VFO, and carrier frequencies, displays true TS-520S operating frequencies as precise as an order of 100Hz. It needs no frequency correction and calibration even when the band and mode of operation are switched.2. Countable up to 40MHz With Single Switching.Single Switching on the front panel permits your DG-5 to count frequencies up to 40MHz in units of 100Hz.  Thus, it is usefull as a frequency counter for your shack.3. Neat Thin Shape Matching Well With TS-520S.Your DG-5 is elaborated thinly in the height to match well with the TS-520S as put on its top. Thus, it provides comfortable operation.4. Light-Emitting Diode Frequency Display With Dimmer Switch.Large, light·emitting diodes (LEDs) are easy to read as your DG-5 is the independent frequency display and counter. The LEDs can be halved in the light intensity by turning the DIM (dimmer) switch to ON.  Also, the LEDs, which are color-masked, make you free from fatigue for an extended period of operation, particularly at night.5. Simple Connection With TS-520S.Your DG-5 can be easily interconnected with the TS-520S by plugging the heterodyne, VFO, and carrier cables and the power cord only. These signal cables are individual to minimize spurious and other undesirable signal levels.6. Available for Use With TS-520.Notice that your DG·5 is tailored specifically for the new TS-520S. But, if you have the previous TS-520, you can add a DK-520 Adapter to it for enabling the DG-5 to be applied to it.=========Note that the DK-520 kit is NOT included (for use with the earlier TS-520).Email me for any questions.

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