LOC-ON TITAN Ladder Treestand For Sale

LOC-ON TITAN Ladder Treestand
Current Bid: $ 150.02  

LOC-ON Company TITAN Ladder Treestand

note: this is not a child's toy, nor it is meant for treehouses. This is a hunter's accessory for those familiar with ladder treestands in hunting pursuits.

Only used outdoors a couple of days.   Looks almost new condition, because it is no-Rust Aluminum, Seat is free of rips or stains.

Comes in 4 sections, and could be packed in.  Rated for about 225 pounds tops.  

1 Strap on top section goes around tree. 1 Strap on center support bar goes around tree. 2 other straps are included which can be snugged up to prevent the ladder from turning.   This is steady when you're sitting in it, but like most ladder stands, the ground should be solid and level where the foot of the ladder will be placed. 

Original paper instruction leaflet is included. (I recommend buyer make some spare copies in the instructions get lost in the woods, or get rained on. )


Buyer pays UPS Ground shipping.  Although this treestand is aluminum, it's a lot of metal, nylon, and bolts. Shipping weight boxed is 34 pounds. 

There will be additional shipping imposed by UPS for residential address, fuel surcharge, and possibly for a OVERSIZE package.  And if you live way out in the stix, there may be a UPS surcharge for extended delivery area.

Please use eBay shipping calculator to get a approximation of final shipping cost to your zip.  Ships only to lower 48 US.

Shipping costs are going to be high with the calculator,  since UPS uses "dimensional weight", not actual weight, because of the large shipping box needed for this item.  The bottom line is that it takes up a lot of room in their trucks, even though it is only about 35 pounds actual shipping weight. 

East Coast addresses can expect anywhere from $65 to well past $100.  West Coast or mid-America delivery costs will cause "sticker shock".  





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