Military Manpack Transceiver AEG SE 6861/12 HF SSB/CW For Sale

Military Manpack Transceiver AEG SE 6861/12 HF SSB/CW
Current Bid: $ 900.00  

This German HF military transceiver was developed and built by AEG / Telefunken. Fully synthesized with frequency set by 6 up-down decade switches. Has a built-in voice speech processor (Plessey SL622 VOGAD IC). Has built-in automatic antenna tuner & supports both USB and LSB.

Supplied with AT271 style sectional whip antenna, antenna base, Racal acoustics handset, BT6861/11 battery cassette, MIL-C26482 plug for battery charge socket and DVD containing full service manual. Note original N-CAD batteries are not available for this transceiver. I have fitted 2x Li-Ion battery packs which use a 4S2P CGR18650C cell configuration - these packs are supplied in the sale ? see photos. I charge each pack separately with a hobby balance charger (not included in sale).

Manufacturer: AEG - Telefunken

Manufactured Date: 1978

Modulation: A1A; J3E (USB, LSB)

Frequency Coverage: 1.5000MHz ? 29.9999MHz

Frequency Setting: 6 illuminated decade switches

Frequency Step: 100 Hz

Memory Channels: 5

Frequency Stability: 1 ppm (-20C to +55C)

BFO for A1A: 1000 Hz

Receiver sensitivity:  12 dB at 1 V for J3E; 18 dB at 1 V for A1A

Intermodulation rejection (2 tone): 36dB with respect to PEP

Off channel frequency rejection: 50dB with respect to PEP

IF Breakthrough Rejection: 80dB

Image Frequency Rejection: 80dB

AGC Range: +/- 2dB max for input levels from 1uV to 1V

AGC Response: Response from 70ms; 700ms decay.

AF Response: 300~2700Hz (-6dB)

AF Output Level: 0dBm across 600 ohms (775mV); 2.75V adjustable (volume control) across 100 ohm (or greater) load

AF Connector: NF07A1LO

Noise Figure: 10dB or better

TX Output power: 2W, 20W PEP

Sideband suppression: 40dB with respect to PEP

Harmonics Rejection: 50dB with respect to PEP

Parasitic oscillator emissions: >10uV measured at antenna footprint with 50 Ohm termination

Antenna Tuning: Automatic; Processor controlled; Maximum 5s; 2-3s typical

Antenna Connectors:        Insulated & threaded base for 3.3m whip (AT271 type with XXXX SEM35 adapter); Spring loaded binding post for direct connect wire antennas; Spring loaded binding post for ground/counterpoise wire; 50 Ohm BNC for coax fed antennas (front panel switchable direct or through-tuner)

Power source: With BT6861/11 NiCad 24V (2x 12V 1.8 Ah); With BT6861/31 Lithium 19.2 V 10 Ah; External 22.5~38 VDC

Indicators: Push button illumination of frequency, channel & volume, Battery low, TX output

Front Panel Controls: Push-button illumination, frequency, channel, channel store and volume. Rotary power/mode & antenna select.

Battery Connector: MIL-C26482

Operating Temp: -25C to +55C

Operating Voltage: 22.5-38 VDC

Operating Current: RX 0.3A; TX Lo 1.7A; TX Hi 5A

Low Batt Cutout: 24.5V

Low Batt Warning: Yellow LED when Batt 27V or below

Dimensions (WHD): 285 x 81 x 296 mm

Weight: approx 8.5Kg

Other: Watertight up to 2 hours in 1 m water depth. Reverse polarity protection

Terms of sale: This is a tested and working transceiver. As damage can occur if incorrectly hooked up and or transmitted into an incorrect load/antenna, it is sold as is with no right of return or refund. It will not be shipped until payment has been received in full for everything including any shortfall in shipping charges. The only payment method I accept is PayPal. If payment has not cleared within 4 days of auction closing, eBay will be informed the sale has not been completed & the goods will be relisted. If you do not agree with any of my sale terms, PLEASE DO NOT BID.

Shipping & customs: You pay only what it costs me to send the goods to any US destination. Countries closer to New Zealand will be less, further away will be more. I will confirm the shipping price as soon as the auction ends. The price quoted is via NZ Post (air mail) which typically takes from 10 to 25 days. Insurance is included to a nominal value of NZ$250. I will fill out the NZ customs declaration at this end as ?used radio parts? to the value of the final sale price. It is up to you to deal with any charges from your customs office or any other import duties, sales tax, VAT, etc. If you have a DHL or FedEx account and wish to arrange your courier to pick up the transceiver, this can also be accommodated. Pickup is from the town Katikati, postcode is 3129 and the country is New Zealand.

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