NEW GI7B Tube Socket - LOT of 2 For Sale

NEW GI7B Tube Socket - LOT of 2
Current Bid: $ 69.52  

Gi7B/BT Socket

These sockets are designed by VA3YP. The sockets are professionally machine crafted to provide you the best socket for your new construction projects or conversion of any kind amps. These sockets are designed on the PLUG IN basis and the tube is completely removable and insertable. To insure the best RF connections, all contacts are made using nice full silver tin-plated contact finger stock. Isolation is made from G10/FR4 glass - laminate.

Dimensions of designed sockets are D 2" x W 2" x H 1,5" and can be mounted vertical or horizontal, on top or below of the chassis. The socket designed allowing appropriate airflow and good air-cooling.

These sockets are specially designed for VHF/UHF amplifiers. Can be used for all other amplifiers projects and conversions.

These sockets are unique. Can be used for more other GI tubes.

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