PRC-104 Military HF Radio Kit For Sale

PRC-104 Military HF Radio Kit
Current Bid: $ 1,825.00  

For bid is a PRC-104 manpack 2-30MHz manpack radio set.  Modes of operation are LSB-USB both voice and data.  Power output is 20 watts and it runs from a 24vdc power source.  The antenna tuning is automatic by simply pressing the ptt switch and will tune just about any type of antenna.  This unit is in great working condition and all functions work correctly.  The radio is painted Marine Corp green and is the original paint with some rubbed off the sharp edges and a few normal scratches.  I will rate the paint at a 7 of 10.  All tags present on radio and transit case.  Included is the original transit case, radio/amplifier, small battery box with new NiMh battery, tall battery box modified for straight 24v use, 24v smart charger, 24v clamp type charging cable, battery box seperation cable, 3 external amp cables, LS-454 speaker, M-80 mike, H-250 mike, antenna base, antenna mast, operator's manual, pack frame shelf, and morse code key.  Fairly heavy bulky kit so shipping/ins will be a bit high, I will refund any overage.

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