Sabrett Hotdog Pushcart Umbrella For Sale

Sabrett Hotdog Pushcart Umbrella
Current Bid: $ 150.00  

Please Note:  These Sabrett umbrellas are not the beach umbrellas you see on the Sabrett website.  These are actual "2010" Commercial/Heavy Duty 6.5" Push Cart Umbrellas that you see on actual Sabrett hotdog/pushcart vendors.  It's very hard to get these umbrellas, so order one now while supplies last!!  As per the pictures, what you see is what you get; they are brand new and in their original boxes.  These umbrellas will be shipped out in their original boxes by UPS Ground free of charge.  We ship only in the US.  No refunds or exchanges because these umbrellas are brand new in their original unopened boxes. 

7/06/10:   Updated the picture to show the "New" 2010 Sabrett Umbrellas.  Each umbrella are stamped with the date it was made.  If you are a previous watcher of this item, the previous picture I had before was of our umbrella which was a "2007" umbrella.  That is why it was kind of faded.  Per previous requests and concerns about the colors on the umbrella, I updated the picture to reassure buyers that they are getting a brand new "2010" Sabrett Umbrella.  Thank you for your interest.

Please Note:  Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico will be charged a $50.00 surcharge in addition to the $150.00 price.

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