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ELECTROFISHER SAMUS 725MP - professional fishing device for electrofishing

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TheThis auction is designed to present a fishing tool for electrofishing - the modern electrofisher - SAMUS725M. It is named differently in various countries ( electrofishing rod, electricshocker, fishing converter, fishing generator, electric fishing-rod etc). This is very useful way of fishing of many species of fishes. It is used by ichthyologists to conduct research and fishermen for consumption fishing as well as private pond owners managing their farms. The electrofisher is found useful in lakes or rivers to catch fish safely and effectively. On this page you will find description of what electrofisher is, technical description and how to electrofish, how fishes react on electric current , in which manner to catch different species and gallery of fishes from various electrofishing expeditions. SAMUS725M - it is one of the most advanced electrofishers in its class but costs much less than any other similar models in the world and is much smaller than other electrofishers. It is also absolutely safe and lightweight (portable) and gives a chance to conduct electrofishing in any conditions..

                                                                              What is the electrofisher?The electrofisher is such an electronic device by the means of which a man may - at certain practice - catch fishes in large quantities and very quickly. Idea of the electrofisher is based on a fact that at the flow of electric direct current in water appears at fishes so-called anode reaction (galvanotaxis) under influence of which fish begins to flow from negative electrodes to positive electrodes. Anode reaction of the fish (pulling in direction of anode) is explained by this, that fish catches definite direction of movement of ions and directs oneself with head on their stream. Most interesting is fact, that the greater the fish the more with pleasure she goes out from water in direction of the landing net. Basic part of electrofishing is catching fish for reproduction, nevertheless, one can use it equally well to fish in consumer aims. Equipped in such a device a fisherman may press the button of steering, to dip electrodes and to "pick up" hypnotised fishes. In moment of hunting swim up fishes of different sizes, little ones after shaking down oneself from nervous shock sail away in several seconds hiding at random, larger ones are chosen by fisherman.


Radius of device action ? to 70 meters !!! Depth of device action - to 20 meters !!!


Input Voltage


12 VDC Nominal Range ( 10-14 VDC)

Input Current

5-60 Amps ( operating 10-20 Amps)

Output Voltage

1000 V max ( 550 V- inverter and doubled in impulse to 1000 V max)

Output Power

500 watts maximum (in peak) ( operating 100-200 watts)

Output Frequency

(2,5-99) Hz in 1 Hz steps

Output duration

(0,05 microseconds - 8 milliseconds)


< 2 kg


200?180?70 millimetres


12 V DC ( any model)

Battery life

7 Ah (1-2 hours of electrofishing) Larger battery-longer fishing.

Overload protection

Yes (?---------------? appears on display panel while working)

Polarity protection


Battery alarm

Mark ?-? appears on display panel in the middle when it reaches 10,3 V

     ELECTROFISHER SET - SAMUS-725GElectrofisher SAMUS-725GCable of steering with press-release button and micro-switcherOuter cable ?-? with metal wire at the endOuter cable ?+? for installation in the landing netEnglish manual To catch fish you must additionally have:-12V car battery or UPS;- landing-net with insulated handle and conductive ring;-any boat All additional information can be found in the instructions that came with the device. You can read how to properly connect the device. How to catch fish. What are the ways of fishing. Safety measures during fishing.In order to correctly understand how going fishing with this device, you need to watch the video. You can easily find videos on You tube. To do this, please search You tube Samus electro fisher..

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