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Spermaceti Candles
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Spermaceti Candles


Up for bid 2 Very rare Hand dipped Spermaceti Candles from Nantucket Island, Nantucket, Mass I bought these while vacationing on Nantucket Island in 1970. Still in their original box they look like the day I bought them.  The spermaceti employed in their production was purchased in 1969, prior to the enactment of the Endangered Species Act in 1973.

The inscription on the original box reads

The candles you find in this box are just about the purest and finest you can buy anywhere.  They are made from a white semi-solid, crystalline wax found in the head-cavity of the sperm-whale.

A spermaceti candle provided a soft light which was equal to the flame of four other candles and which burned about twice as long as other candles the same size. It surpasses all other candles for its beauty.

Note: The candle shop, Nantucket Island, Mass is no longer in business


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Processing of Spermaceti

Spermaceti (from Greek sperma, seed, and Latin cetus, whale) sometimes erroneously called parmaceti is a wax present in the head cavities of the sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus). Spermaceti is extracted from sperm oil by crystallisation at 6 C, when treated by pressure and a chemical solution of caustic alkali. Spermaceti forms brilliant white crystals that are hard but oily to the touch, and are devoid of taste or smell, making it very useful as an ingredient in cosmetics, leatherworking, and lubricants. The substance was also used in making candles of a standard photometric value, in the dressing of fabrics, and as a pharmaceutical excipient, especially in cerates and ointments. Unlike any other known substance, spermaceti works as a lubricant in the extra­ordinarily cold temperatures of outer space. For that reason, space agencies in Europe and the United States still use spermaceti for roving vehicles on the moon and Mars and as lubricant on the Hubble space telescope. [1]

Originally mistaken for the whales' sperm (hence the name), spermaceti is created in the spermaceti organ inside the whale's head and connected to its nasal passage. Its biological function is uncertain.


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