TrophyLine Ambush Mesh Tree Saddle XL For Sale

TrophyLine Ambush Mesh Tree Saddle XL
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TrophyLine Tree Saddle


XL (38" - 48") Waist         Weight capacity - 375 lbs.

Used just a few times, the saddle is in like new condition.  I never fell while using this saddle.

Includes saddle, lineman's safety belt, safety assist strap, and instructional DVD.  I do not have the paper instructions.

The label on the saddle states the year of manufacture was 2006.  On the label is this warning:  Failure to discard and remove this FAS device from service after five (5) years from manufacture date or after arresting a fall, could cause serious injury or death!

Approximately 1.5 pounds

Terrific for early archery season or hot weather hunting.

The cool mesh seat breathes for greater comfort in hot climates or conditions that generate a lot of body heat like installing fixed position stands and tree steps.

Great for walking in a long way to get away from over-hunted areas or stalk hunting Out-West.This is great for hiking a long way while wearing it or simply pack it in your backpack!

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