Vertex VX-10(4X) UHF Two Way FM Radio VX-10 (4X) For Sale

Vertex VX-10(4X) UHF Two Way FM Radio VX-10 (4X)
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Item Description: Used Vertex UHF FM Transceiver Radio, 40 Channel with Battery.

Functionality: Not Tested Unit. We do not have charger to power up and test further. Item obtain from working environment.

Model No : VX-10(4X)

Manufactured by Yaesu Musen Co. Ltd.Features:Frequency Range:UHF: 400-512 MHz5 Watt RF Power OutputTwo-Tone Paging OptionMIL-STD 810 C/D/ECTCSS/DCS. DTMF Selective Call. DTMF ANIVoice Inversion Encryption (w/optional FTT-15)Programmed Scan. User Scan: Priority Scan: Dual Watch8 Character Alphanumeric DisplayAuto Range Transpond System - (ARTS)Transmit Battery Saver (TBS)BCLO. BTLO. and TOT9-Group Channel Management12.5 kHz Channel Spacing Version available(meets new FCC part 90)102 Channels (w/optional FTT-15)

Auction includes Vertex UHF Radio with battery and Antenna only.

Actual Item Pictured. No other accessories or documentation included.

Sold As-Described. No warranties implied or expressed. No returns, refunds, or exchanges.


Location ID: AS-C3G


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