Tampa Bay Fishing Report

2009-05-12 11:26:55
Tampa, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report
Tampa Bays South Shore
Danny Guarino

Fishing has been very good this pat week on the Southshore of Tampa Bay

We have been catching Snook, trout, Mackerl, and just a few Redfish.

he Snook bite has been good so long as the water is moving with the tide, Samr thing with the mackerl. Redfish have been on the slow side

Fish Species: Snook
Bait Used:
Method Used:
Water Depth:
Water Temperature:
Wind Direction:
Wind Speed:
Danny Guarino

About The Author: Captain Danny Guarino

Company: D.R.Guarino Charters

Area Reporting: Tampa Bay

Bio: Capt. Dan was born in Tampa in 1954 and has lived and fished the Tampa area his entire life. In the mid 1990's Capt. Dan made a decision to make fishing his career. To that end Capt. Dan opened Shell Point Bait and Tackle Located at the mouth of the Little manatee River and Tampa Bay, there he operated both the Bait and Tackle business and the Charter Business. In June of 2006 the marina that Shell Point Bait and tackle was located in was sold and the lease for the bait shop was lost. Capt. Dan continues to operate the Charter business from his home located across the river from the old bait shop. From this location it is but a short boat ride to some of the best fishing on Tampa Bay. Capt. Dan is a member of the Florida Guides association as well as the National Association of charter boat operators and the Coastal Conservation Association. In 2005 Capt. Dan became a board member for the Florida Guides Association and pro staff member for both Lee Fisher Nets and Triple Fish International. In 2006 Capt. Dan was appointed as a regional director for the Florida Guide Association. He is licensed by the United States Coast Guard and on the recommended guide list for Capt. Mel Berman On March 1st 2008 Capt Dan agreed to co-host a new radio Talk show, Outdoor Fishing Adventures, that airs every Saturday morning from 7:00am to 9:00am on WGUL 860 am. On this show he plans to provide a media that will promote and debate fishing and fishing related topics. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to listen and participate. Check out our new radio show every Saturday morning live 7:00am to 9:00am on WGUL 860 Am The Call in number is 813-289-1860 Outdoor Fishing Adventure Radio Show

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