The snook are chasing flies

2009-03-18 22:51:15
Tampa, Florida - Saltwater Fishing Report
Old Tampa Bay
Capt. Dave Chouinard

On my way into work today I took an hour and stopped by a flat in search of either reds or snook. The tide was a bit off and the water clarity was not what it was supposed to be, so I didn't see any reds. However, on the way back to the car I saw a snook sunning itself in about 12" of water. I casted and landed the "wired bendback" fly about 3 feet or so in front and the fish charged and crushed the fly. The water temps are on the way up and the fish are really starting to eat good.

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Fish Species: Snook
Bait Used: Wired Bendback fly
Tackle Used: fly fishing
Method Used: sight casted
Water Depth: 14
Water Temperature: 71
Wind Direction: NE
Wind Speed: 15-17
Just a ton of fun in skinny water...
Just a ton of fun in skinny water...

Snook crushed the Wired Bendback
Snook crushed the Wired Bendback

Capt. Dave Chouinard

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Area Reporting: Tampa Bay and local Gulf waters

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