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Offshore Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing in Vencie by Michael Gray (5/10/2010)
Venice Offshore Blue Water fishing is on fire. Oil Spills, Offshore drill ships and Deepwater Fishing is Awesome.
Venice Tuna Fishing Report and No Oil In Sight! by Mike Ellis (5/09/2010)
The tuna in venice are in numbers and committing suicide.
Summer is here and so are the summer tuna! by Peace Marvel (4/19/2010)
Fishing out of south pass with Capt. Peace MArvel
Venice Big Game Bluewater Fishing! by Josh Howard (4/16/2010)
A recap on the winter and what to expect this summer!
Venice Report by Peace Marvel (4/08/2010)
Capt. Peace Marvel continues to slay fish out of Venice.
800LB Mako Shark Caught by Michael Gray (3/31/2010)
HUGE 800LB Mako Shark caught by CajunOdysea charter captain in Venice could qualify for Louisiana State Records
First Yellowfin for 9 year old Will Potts! by Peace Marvel (3/25/2010)
Captain Peace fishing yellowfin tuna out of Venice
Big Yellowfin Committing Suicide! by Peace Marvel (3/21/2010)
Capt. Peace Marvel has been slaughtering the Big yellowfin out of Venice Louisiana.
Venice Fishing For Tuna and Wahoo in South Pass by Peace Marvel (3/17/2010)
Captain Peace Marvel Venice fishing report.
Winter Wahoo Wonderland by Peace Marvel (3/11/2010)
The fishing out of Venice is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!
I Can't, My Thumb Is Stuck by Gary Bonanno (3/09/2010)
Fishing trip report with Strike Zone Charters in Venice La.
Another overnight Sucess by Gary Bonanno (3/04/2010)
Overnight trip with Strike Zone Charters
Overnight TUNA ON StrikeZone Too by Gary Bonanno (2/24/2010)
Overnight trip with Strike Zone Charters. In Venice louisiana on the Strike Zone Too.
Capt. go for FREE ! by Gary Bonanno (2/17/2010)
Charter captains go for free to Guatemala.
Bad News In The Gulf, But Good News In Gautemala by Gary Bonanno (2/11/2010)
the weather will start to get better in a few weeks in the gulf...but in guatemala it is great as well as the fishing...
Tuna Fishing Super Bowl Sunday! by Josh Howard (2/09/2010)
Fished for tuna and wahoo with Mike's Crew Sunday!
Tips for Choosing the BEST Charter Service by Michael Gray (2/04/2010)
Choosing the BEST Charter Captain in Venice Louisiana for Offshore Tuna Fishing can be easy when you follow the outline below.
Venice, Louisiana Offshore Fishing Report by Gary Bonanno (1/28/2010)
Venice is just geting started if the weather will let UP...
Hand Feeding Sharks by Josh Howard (1/21/2010)
while fishing for tuna, we hand fed a shark!
Louisiana Offshore Fishing Report with STRIKE ZONE CHARTERS by Gary Bonanno (1/12/2010)
The fishing in jan is good when the weather will let up.....
Huge winter tuna by Josh Howard (12/31/2009)
Fished for wahoo and tuna in Venice! The winter bite is almost here! Catching big fish right now!
Catching Wahoo In Venice Louisiana by Michael Gray (11/20/2009)
Venice Louisiana Offshore Wahoo ****101***
Venice Slam Down by Michael Gray (11/17/2009)
Venice Offshore Tuna Fishing is often best told by the clients.... Read on and enjoy.
Shrimp Boat Tuna Fishing In Venice Louisiana by Michael Gray (10/30/2009)
When the reports first come that the Yellow-Fin Tuna have moved in behind the shrimp boats, run donít walk to Venice Louisiana.
100+ pound Yellowfin Tuna in Venice by Josh Howard (10/16/2009)
We are catching huge yellowfin right now! Most over 100 pounds!
Louisiana & Guatemala Fishing by Gary Bonanno (10/13/2009)
You're gonna love fishing with us in BOTH of our fabulous locations...we promise!!!!
Daytime Swordfishing Venice Louisiana by Mike Ellis (10/12/2009)
Another series of successful trips is on the books. The fishing is a good as it gets right now. Most days we are done tuna fishing with our self imposed boat limit anywhere from 12-1:00 in the afternoon.
LOUYellowfin Tuna Are Starting To Show Up by Gary Bonanno (10/05/2009)
Yellowfin are starting to show up and the Blackfin are everywhere. October is a super month....I know football is in the air but on the STRIKE ZONE TOO you won't miss any games even when you or out in the Gulf 100 miles....sit back after bring in a 100+ lb Yellowfin and turn to your favorite game on our 48 inch TV in the AC with a cool beer and wait until the captain yells out "FISH ON"""
Fishing Report for Louisiana & Guatemala by Gary Bonanno (9/25/2009)
The fishing in both Louisiana& Guatemala is heating up...The Sails In Guatemala and the big Yellowfin in Louisiana.
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