Underwater Fishing Lights - NEW AA Battery Operated - Night Fishing Made Easy

Comments: Underwater Fishing Lights http://reviewcomet.com/underwater-fishing-lights/ Green Fishing Lights Fishing Lights Submersible Fishing Lights New Fishing Lights AA Battery Operated Underwater Fishing Lights Try Some Night Fishing!: Underwater Fishing Lights these are 4 ft AA Battery operated Fully Submersible Green LED Fishing Light Green Fishing Lights Welcome to the Manncuda Florida Fishing lights Company! We produce the BEST portable submersible AA battery operated fishing lights for night fishing. Our lights are made in FLORIDA and are designed to attract bait fish, which in turn, attract larger fish. The use of GREEN LED light in our fishing lights emulates the underwater lighting conditions of early dawn, which stimulates feeding. GREEN light also travels further in water than other colors. This is a NEW light better than ever operates with 8 AA BATTERIES Simply turn the switch ON and your green light is ready to be submersed "No more carrying heavy batteries so you can really enjoy your fishing" Take advantage of the price, and you be the judge. Free US shipping via USPS Priority Mail really saves you money. We make EVERY effort to ensure that you get a GREAT product. Enjoy - Relax - Stay Cool! Go Fishing At NIGHT! Get going with the 2011 Fishing Season the RIGHT way! Our Lights are Just the Fishing Light You Need to get started with Night Fishing NO MORE carrying that BIG Heavy Battery every time you want to go fishing. Every Light is a sealed unit with a 38" 192 led green lights, all high-quality components. This is an economical, but serious tool. It was built in the U.S.A. to survive the rigors of many enjoyable fishing seasons. 4 ft 192 total LED Green Light unit 12v 8 AA Battery Box Power cord (25 ft) is designed for underwater use Industrial-grade, fully-submersible design, 4ft' total length Made in Florida - USA Underwater lights attract fish, not insects Competitively priced and FREE Shipping BONUS! 4 ft Fully Submersible Green LED Fishing Light "12v 8 AA Battery Operated" Great Value! The Nights are Getting Longer! Try Some Night Fishing!